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to all of you crazy fools who like to think that the tonsil is the problem well it can be the problem is it becomes so big to interfer with your breathing but they dont have anything to do with you breathing but more to do with your swallowing but now think about this your diet and everything else so before you judge the tonsil for doing its job think about what is behind the tonsil like the adenoids before you judge them so if you get a sore throat with your tonsils in then have them removed now think about a sore throat without them where it will go ......
tonsils gone last decade
Apparently, cigarette smoking reduces the effect of these things.

I'm GUESSING the tar and other garbage being inhaled coats the tonsillolith and as a result also inhibits the primal stench these things give off.

I'm inferring this because when I smoked, I hocked them up a lot less. When I did they were notably darker in color on the outside, a green/gray. When crushed the malodorous assault began and they were still white/yellow on the inside.

I've recently stopped smoking and coughing them up a lot more frequently. They are once again a lighter color and stink to high hell.
BAMshift1 last decade
I got my tonsils out two weeks ago, because of chronic tonsilitis rather than tonsil stones. I had some increasingly bad tonsil stones in the months leading up to surgery, however, and I must say, I am immensely relieved never to have to deal with them again. This at the cost of a rather painful two weeks and bleeding complications, as well as my concerns over seeking surgery over more, um, *peaceful* remedies.

I wish you all the best of luck! If you do decide to get your tonsils yanked for these, and many people do, it'll hurt like hell but it'll be so worth it...
uberfletch last decade
well i know about the hurt part but also got to think about the part that you have to deal with afterwards to and how good the doctor will treat you also ......if he is a jerk like mine was then you had better look out.... because this is your health they are talking about...
tonsils gone last decade
Why is it that your posts have to be so extremely negative? Im pretty sure youve told the whole forum just how horrific your experience was, but that is only YOU. Many tonsillectomies have been performed successfully and I don't believe your constant ranting is necessary as somewhat intelligent people know there are risks to any surgery. Also, your writing style is extremely hard to understand since you don't seem to enjoy using periods and commas where appropriate.
katherine1 last decade
Good point Katherine.

I also don't understand what one person's experience with a particular doctor has to do with everyone else trying to exchange hard-to-find info on tonsilloliths.
BAMshift1 last decade
Hey Everyone!

Well...Tuesday is the big day for me! The tonsils are COMING OUT! And to me, two weeks of pain and a slightly weaker immune system is definitely worth being able to breathe without constantly swollen tonsils getting rid of these horrible tonsil stones, and helping to diminish the effects of my continual sinus infections. My question to anyone out there that has had their tonsils out before - any advice for post surgery? Was there anything that helped you feel better? Also, what should I eat/drink? I know enough to stay away from very cold, very hot, and very citrusy things. I am wary to eat ice cream - to me, it seems like the milk would cause excess mucus, and who wants to deal with that?! I would appreciate any advice that you guys could give me. Thanks!
TonsilHater last decade
Hey guys!!

It's been a few weeks since my tonsilectomy and I figured some of you might want an update.

Well, my surgery was on April 26th (goto page 40 to see my reaction to the surgery THE DAY AFTER).. and now a month later I am pleasd to announce that I am sleeping better, I stopped snoring, post nasal drip is gone and the tonsil stones have been ERADICATED.

Guys, whatever your feelings on surgery are, if you are having a tough time with these awful stones, just book a tonsilectomy with your ENT.

If your ENT tries to talk you out of it, either talk him/her into it, or go to an ENT that is ready and willing.

This was the best decision I could have ever have made in improving my quality of life... I just wish I would have done it sooner.

The surgery, Im sure, is going to be different for everyone... but mine experience was a very good one. It was like a vacation with some throat discomfort. I got caught up on A LOT of reading, ralaxed and watched A TON of movies.

Point is...


And for those of you who listen to members of the tonsil cult that believe

'if you remove them, you will waken the evil tonsil spirits and experience horrors you can't even imagine!'

Well, understand that every ENT Ive talked to say, hey, if you want them out, no problem... they dont belong there now anyway (they are guardians of infection for children, not for adults).

It's up to you... but this board would be a lot less crowded if more people had the tonsils out.

I am probably done posting here guys, unless someone has questions... so good luck to you all... see ya!
ilovemyENT last decade
To Tonsilhater:

Do you know what tool your ENT is using to remove them? My ENT used the Bovie Cautery device... sort of a heated scalpel. I would highly recommend it.

Anyways, post-surgey you will feel very woosie and you will sleep most of the day. You will be in pain, but that pain is only relative to the drugs you will be taking. I was given the tylenol liquid with codine (2 TBLS/every 4 hours). Worked for me. You may develop a headace, in taht case I just couple my meds with some advil.. talk about cloud 9!!

Be sure to DRINK YOUR LIQUIDS. I drank gatorade for hydration reasons, but then I realized that cold water would have been MUCH BETTER... as gatorade has some acidity to it.
I made the BIG MISTAKE of trying to drink orange juice that evening... DONT DO IT... STAY AWAY FROM ANYTHING CITRUS... that little mistake caused my increasing threshold for the pain to take a few steps backwards.

As far as eating, I didnt eat anything the first day, the second day i was able to eat pudding ( I highly recommend puddings and jellos) along with some soup. Again, dronk PLENTY of water. You may think that cold beverages would be bad, but it is totally the opposite, it feels really good on your throat.

By day 3 I was eating solid food (very slowly) and sailed the rest of the way. I went back to work on day 6, but I couldve used another 2 days of recuperation only because I was weak from my diet.

At one point, i think day 4, there was a blood clot on one side of my throat.. it wasnt bleeding, so i didnt call me ENT... but when I told him about it during my 2 week check up, he said I shouldve called so he could look at it. Fortunately, there were no problems because of it and I healed superbly.

Anyways, good luck with surgery.. you will LOVE the prognosis!!
ilovemyENT last decade
I had the vile bumps for years, along with constant colds and sinus infections. My pediatrician planned to take out my tonsils as soon as I was healthy enough for the surgery, but that never came to pass. Finally, I decided to be tested for allergies and hypoglycemia. I discovered that I am very hypoglycemic and allergic to wheat: no wheat + no sugar = no white bumps (and far fewer sinus infections, although I do still get 1 or 2 a year).

Last week I gave in to a major sugar craving and was rewarded with terrible congestion, sinus pressure, and the first white bumps I've had in quite a while, so there's definitely a cause-and-effect relationship. But, I just pop them out with a q-tip and, depending on my mood and the time of day, gargle with either hydrogen peroxide or tequila.

I hope this helps SOMEONE out there feel better!
katiesmom last decade
FYI, there's a great message board that I found for adults considering, preparing for and recovering from tonsillectomy: http://www.skincell.org/yabbse/index.php/topic,19004.0.html ...

Lots of posting about what to expect, what to eat, what not to eat, etc. Not everyone on it suffered from tonsiloliths, obviously, but it's a good support group on the pro-tonsillectomy side of things.
uberfletch last decade
Hi i've been reading these for a while and got the guts to go to a doctor about getting my tonsils removed. I constantly have bad breath and strep throat. I found a good way to get rid of the tonsil stones but i still am left with bad breath. Not as bad though. Well the big day is June 19. I struggled with doctors and insurance and at some point i was even thinking of going to Tijuana to remove them for $500. That would've been a mistake i probably would've woken up w/o my kidneys. Finally My ENT sait that because of the constant Strep throat i should get them removed. My question is for 'ilovemyENT' 'uberfletch' and anyone else who got their tonsils removed. How long after the operation did you notice your breath improved if it improved at all. You say you don't get tonsil stones anymore but neither do i and i still have bad breath. Im not gonna go back to work until i have good breath. Please respond soon.
Marcel Marceau last decade
I had my tonsils out October 2004, and as I have said earlier I still keep getting Tonsil stones and before anyone ask yes I was supposed to have had a FULL tonsilectomy. Is there anyone else out there with this experience. I am so annoyed I would not have had my tonsils out if I knew it was not going to cure the problem. My ENT surgeon assured me it would this is not the case.
fuaran last decade

If your tonsils are gone, where are the stones forming?
BAMshift1 last decade
Marcel Marceau (great username, btw) - my tonsil stones didn't cause noticeably bad breath (so swears my partner), but I often got a horrible taste in my mouth, particularly after removal of stones. So, I am afraid I can't offer advice on how long to expect before your breath improves...

Was it definitely caused by tonsil stones? Some periodontal problems can cause unpleasant breath, too - particularly if you have any sort of rot or decay under your gums (mmmm).

Good luck with the surgery!
uberfletch last decade
BAMshift1 I now only get them on one side there seems to be still some sort of little crypt left, i am wondering whether they finished the operation off properly
fuaran last decade
Uberfletch, are you able to go up to somebody now and just ask,'how's my breath' and not be afraid of the answer. I am very self conscious about my breath and the only time i feel comfortable to ask that is when im drinking. Then i get an answer like 'its not bad but i can smell some Smirnoff' I always like that answer. Anyways, are you sure the stones didn't cause bad breath? I thought that's the main reason everybody here hates tonsil stones. I even remember somebody saying 'i'm making the wrigleys company rich' I myself am making Ice Breakers rich. I just hope the tonsillectomy helps with my breath. Oh yeah, thanks for the compliment on the name. Sometimes when i'm up close with someone talking to me i try not to speak so i just make gestures and am still able to get my thought across and a laugh too. Just like that French mime. I swear i'm legally changing my last name to Marceau.
Marcel Marceau last decade
Marcel Marceau - my tonsil stones weren't as bad as those described by most people on this board. Mine were usually almost completely embedded in my tonsils, and only revealed if I pulled back the tonsil skin to expose the hidden crypts. So I think my breath wasn't as bad as some people's because the stones weren't exposed. And because I didn't have near as many/as bad/as large stones as others.

Really, the only time it was bad was when I'd just removed a stone - I'd get the horrible taste in my mouth and be very embarrassed for my breath. And nothing seemed to make it go away except for time (usually less than a day). Man, those things were putrid!

So, in the day-to-day, my breath wasn't a problem. Now, since recovering from the tonsillectomy, I haven't had any stones or associated bad breath. If you don't have stones any more but are still experiencing the same bad breath, it might be from another cause. Sometimes can be caused by certain bacteria in the digestive tract, etc...
uberfletch last decade
Well hello all,

I've been reading this forum for a few months but never posted, so i thought i'd join the fun. I'm 18 years old and have had tonsil stones since i was about 12 i guess. They are sooooo terrible. I only get them on the right side tonsil though, does anyone else only get them on one side? I keep toothpicks to dig them out. I only usually get them in 1 hole in my tonsil, its pretty big hole, i'd say the size of a q tip end. I get them out at least once a week, usually more. I've had bad episodes of the stones though, i recall one time where i would get one stone out, run water over the tooth pick to get the stone off, swallow, and there would be another in its place, i probably dug them out for an hour and i would say close to 50 came out. I really want to get my tonsils out to get rid of the stones and the bad breath and the sore throat, so im looking into that this week. I've tried all kinds of remedys from the vinegar rinse to listerine, the best thing for me is to just get the toothpick and dig it out. But i know there are more in there because i always have bad breath of the foul smell of the tonsil stones, i just can never see them.

Thanks for reading and this board has been a definate help for me because it made me realize the only way to cure this is to get the tonsils out. Thanks.
tim618 last decade
i also forgot to add that im heavily involved in sports and that i would notice during a basketball game when i was playing hard and breathing hard, sometimes they would just fly out.
tim618 last decade
I'm on coumadin so an elective surgery like a tonsilectomy is out of the question for me.

For those in my boat, I've found that Listerine works very well.

In a post from a long way back, someone was against Listerine because she coughed more stones up when she used it.

Pardon me, but logically I would think getting the stones out of your mouth is the way to go.
BAMshift1 last decade
i've made a prelim appointment next week to have the doc look at my tonsils, then i will force him to schedule me a tonsilectomy. wish me luck.
tim618 last decade
I don't really have stones because i wipe and clean my tonsils every day. I can see the stuff forming when i look back there with a small flashlight. If anyone hasn't done that yet you should take a look. Anyway although i keep the tonsil stones from forming the stuff is there which i know for sure causes my bad breath. Its the same color as the stones only it isn't solid. Tim it sounds like you got it pretty bad man. I really hope you can get rid of your problem. Have you tried the water pick yet. I heard it worked for some ppl. Penicillin hella got rid of that stuff for a while. Whenever i got it prescribed for strep throat i swear it was my ticket to paradise. My tonsils were always clean and i never got complaints on my breath but i was still always careful.
Marcel Marceau last decade
Hi everyone. Well, I had my tonsilectomy yesterday. They gave me vicoden for pain. Wow, I love it. I am however, a little disapointed. I can eat just about anything I want so there goes me losing much weight. My tongue is swollen and numb, but that feels kind of fun. I was half expecting to be bed ridden and in soo much pain, but I'm really not. I even went shopping this morning. I am just now waiting for me to be all healed up to find out the results. Oh I forgot to add. For those of you who get nauseated from pain meds, ask your doctor for the anti-nausea patch. It's small and sticks behind your ear for three days. I believe this is what is making the vicoden not upset my stomach. Good luck all.
anticipation last decade
i've tried the water pick, yes. I've tried everything, i relaly hope i can just get them out, to anyone who has gotten them out, do they let you see them when they take them out ? i'd love to just poke at em and see where teh stones actually were and underneath and stuff, that'd be cool. Glad to hear your tonsilectomy went well anticipation, im sure we all look forward to hearing your results.
tim618 last decade
Tim, my doctor couldn't find any stones in my tonsils. I had insisted that they were there and I wasn't crazy. I told him how this is ruining my quality of life and something needed to done about it. After all that, he THEN scheduled me with an ENT. I wasn't allowed to look at my tonsils after surgery. I suppose if you want to look at them you should tell your doctor to save them. I asked my doctor if there was stuff in mine. He said he didn't know, he wasn't going to disect them. and then laughed. Oh well. as long as they are out of me I am happy.
anticipation last decade

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