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Does anyone who suffers from tonsil stones also suffer from chronic throat clearing? I have the tonsil stones and I have a suspicion that these tonsil stones are contributing to my throat clearing problem? My tonsil stones are never visible. I think they may be farther down in my throat. Anyone else?
plantinga last decade
when i was younger i'd cough/hack up these hard bugger/pebble looking things but never paid much attention to it. nowadays when i get a soar throat, i often get the white patches. i never go to the dr's or hospital as i don't like them. i've always mistaken these tonsil stones to be strep throat. i never knew they could come out. i always assumed they'd healed over-night or what not because they'd be gone the very next time i looked in the mirror.

just today i researched strep throat and stumbled across someone describing what was 'stones'. ran a google on tonsil stones and BAAM! found a few sites including this one. i've tried coughing and hacking this stuff outta my throat before. i wasn't trying hard enough. on my lunch break i walked outside and really put my throat to the task. went to the mirror afterward to try to 'pry' at it with my finger and found i had already dislodged and spit it out. now the feeling of something stuck in my throat is gone.

i'm 31 now and finally know that i don't have to wait for these things to 'pass'. i can now be pro-active and rid myself of them! just gotta love the internet! wealth of knowledge at your fingertips!
BIZILL last decade
i definitely agree that stones are a result of having a compromised immune system. i started getting stones at the same time that i started getting sick all the time. all throughout that period of time when i had strep throat every 4 months, mono for a year straight, and colds that would take a whole month to get rid of, i had tonstil stones.

now i have made some changes in my lifestyle that i suppose have made me a lot healthier- i haven't been sick even once during this cold and flu season. and lo and behold, i don't get stones anymore. i have even been poking around my tonsil with q-tips, and still i can't find any stones.
kmoeller last decade
okay, i'm home now. and i can see better. i did hack out that biggest and most visible stone. but in better lighting i see i still have many left in those holes. nasty and does indeed look like spider eggs were laid there. any ladies reading this wanna kiss. i'm attractive for sure, but this makes me sick.

i tried pushing and poking at it with a q-tip and can hardly even get near the area as i have the most horrific gag-reflex. so, i'm thinking the nest step is a water pick? i'll go the long route about this, meaning do the small recommendations here and get over my sickness. but i want to take immediate action to pry these suckers outta there. what can i do as my gag-reflex prohibits any action??? i'm mad!
BIZILL last decade

What specifically were the lifestyle changes you made that reduced the stones, if you don't mind sharing. It'd be nice to try some/all of them to see if can maybe help others as well.

LazyLightning last decade
I am so glad i found this site.

Where do i start... I have Tonsil Stones. An extreme case. I also get tonsilitis a few times a year and strep throat a fair bit also. I am extremely hygenic, i brush and floss and all the rest of that good stuff everyday day and night.

I first noticed these hard yellowish balls that had a horrible smell to it about 8 years ago. I originally thought it was a part of tonsilitis. It seemed that everytime my tonsils were inflamed and infected the stones would appear on the tonsils, but soon after go away. (When in reality, they were just hiding).

I guess i always had bad breath for as long as i could remember, but began to notice when i hit highschool. I consulted with my GP and asked him what the cause of bad breath and what were the 'smelly things on my tonsils?' He said it was food that got 'stuck' and that i ate too quickly, to chew slowly and it will go away... as we all have established... doctors dont know s..t!

Many years later it had become much worse, where i began to try different remidies to rid of these disgusting stones. Cough as hard as i could, use my finger to try and push them out, and all the rest mentioned on this site. My tonsils are much larger now and the tiny holes that the average person would have on their tonsils i have, but much bigger. They dont shrink back to size overnight.

What may sound weird to most , the only option i found to be affective is tweezers! I have tweezers specifically for my throat. Its the only thing that seems to grab onto the stones well enough as i have a fair bit. Everyday i would start playing with my tonsils yanking these things out. I soak the tweezers in salt water, then go onto soaking them in listerine and wash it ridiculously with toothpaste. As stupid as it sounds i dont know any other way to clean them without going out and buying a sterilizer. Apart form removing my tonsils this seems to be the only option left for me.

I am serioulsy considering a tonsilectomy but i am a smoker (who quits and starts again 24/7) and unfortunately dont have the best lungs along with asthma oh and a constant cold. I am 21 years old and have had a few chest infecitons already. So im worried if i get my tonsils removed that this would be opportunity for the bacteria to go straight for the lungs and whatever else it attacks.

I would consider myself a bad case and would probably benifit from them being removed, but im worried about infecton. Also... i have recently noticed that its not only the tonsils that have these stones, but deep inside behind the tonsils agaisnt the skin (if that makes sense to anyone) holes are starting to appear as they would on the tonsils but agaisnt the sides of my throat with stones... i dont think that is normal.... but i have yet to further study it. I will definately consult ENT. I have had antibiotics so many times i think it has lost its effect and killing the good bacteria whereby making me more sick....

I would really appreciate any advice to anything i have said or questioned in this long note.
RK_Girl last decade
Haven't posted in ages. Just thought I'd check in. Raw honey IS the key. ;)

justmebyanyname last decade
I've been troubled with this and other sinus troubles for years. I just found this article, which seems to be VERY relevant to our various symptoms...

How about this:


**[Note especially the part about 'fungus balls' near the end.]**

Fungal sinusitis is broken down into several categories: Allergic, Fungus balls (Mycetoma), and Invasive.

Allergic fungal sinusitis (AFS) is commonly caused by Aspergillus, as well as Fusarium, Curvularia, and others. Patients often have associated asthma. The criteria include CT or MRI confirmation, a dark green or black material the consistency of peanut butter called 'allergic mucin' which typically contain a few hyphae, no invasion, and no predisposing systemic disease. Charcot-Leyden crystals, which are breakdown products of eosinophiles are often found. Usually patients are found to be allergic to the fungus, although this is controversial. This disease is analogous to Allergic Bronchopulmonary Aspergillosis. This problem is most similar to the type described at the Mayo clinic, but these patients have a much different character to their mucus.

Fungus balls often involve the maxillary sinus and may present similarly to other causes of sinusitis including a foul smelling breath. In addition to radiological abnormalities, thick pus or a clay-like substance is found in the sinuses. There is no allergic mucin, but dense hyphae are found. There is no invasion. There is an inflammatory response in the mucosa. Upon looking into the sinus, the fungus ball can vary in size from 1 mm or smaller to a size which completely occupies the sinus. It may have a greenish-black appearance. Removal of the fungus ball is the typical treatment.

Invasive sinusitis can progress rapidly, and typically necessitates surgery, often on a emergent basis and often requiring Amphotericin B intravenously as well. There have been some forms of invasive sinusitis which can cause proptosis. There is a form of chronic invasive fungal sinusitis which is associated with visual abnormalities due to bony erosion from the ethmoids.

Fungal sinusitis should obviously be treated by someone with extensive experience in treatment of that disease.
instantkarma last decade
RK Girl, sounds like you've answered your own question. Consulting an ENT is your best bet.

I also am a smoker and also have a touch of asthma. (And I am 38). I got my tonsils out this past Nov. For me it was the right thing to do, however, I have not been as sick as you have.

But the fact that you have tonsillitis a couple of times a year, I couldn't imagine an ENT advising you on doing anything other than getting them out.

As far as being afraid of infection, I understand your fear (because that is why my grandmother wouldn't let my parents get mine out when I was a child) but my theory is that the tonsils are great at the beginning (when you are very young and are building your immune system), but can become more of a nuisance when you get past a certain age and your immune system is built and you are a healthy adult. IMO you just don't need them anymore.

I hope that you can continue to get by with doing, what you are doing, and not have to go the tonsillectomy route, if that is not what you want.

You do have age on your side, however, and everything gets harder as you get older when it comes to surgery. Just a thought.
ASIgirl last decade
RK Girl, you do sound as tho your immune system may be compromised as sick as you are and have been.

I could be wrong in what an ENT would tell you.

Let us know what you find out.
ASIgirl last decade

i just made some general changes, such as eating better and getting more exercise. i used to find that cutting out dairy altogether eliminated my stones, but now i can even eat some dairy and i don't get stones.

i know this wouldn't work for everyone, but i really do think the key here is to strengthen one's immune system and improve one's general health.

in my case, i don't think it's a mere coincidence that i no longer get sick with even colds, whereas i used to be sick more often than not, and now i don't get stones anymore.

also, i was looking at my tonsils the other night, and they have shrunk quite a bit. they used to be large, especially my right one, and protrude right out. now they barely poke out at all.

btw that survey that i mentioned before is still in the works. i haven't had much time for it lately, but i should hopefully have it completed soon. again, if there are any suggestions as to questions that should be included in the survey, send them to: tonsil.stones.survey at gmail dot com.
kmoeller last decade
I this is Catina, and I a 32 year old female and it is very embarrassed to have these little white bumps come out of my mouth and it has a very horrible, I still have my tonsil and I am considering having them take out because this problem. But what I do to remove them is take a Q-tip and remove them and it leaves a deep pocket which causes my head and throat to hurt. But after I remove them they cause more problems please help me with this problem.
Catina last decade
ASl girl

Thanks for your advice. I have made an appointment with ENT in the next couple of weeks.

I appreciate your help and i will definately have a tonsilectomy.

I will let you know how it goes.

RK_Girl last decade
I have never had tonsiloliths until about 1 year ago. I was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia which is causing acid reflux. This diagnosis coincided with the tonsiloliths. They only appear on the right side of my throat. I sleep on my right side.

About thirty minutes ago, I just got rid of 5 in the right tonsil crypt. GROSS. My throat was sore and I figured these critters had gone but they weren't.

Take a flashlight and shine it down your throat. You have to stick your tongue out very far and look down the side of your throat. You will see a white mass. I took a q-tip and push the flesh/pocket which forced the first one out. I still saw more. I repeated this method 3 times and took a break. I thought they were all gone but when I swallowed, I kinda knew some where left. I went back to the bathroom and got two more out along with the last little one.

I am going to buy a water pik and irragate my tonsil crypt periodically. I will also see my gastroenterologist for my hiatal hernia. I will keep you updated on the results.
mike2187 last decade
wow am i glad to have found this site. I just turned 30. I have had a slight irritation in the back of my throat. 3 days ago I noticed a white spot back there on my throat. TO be honest I was a bit freaked out. I can only get tiny pieces off and ya they smell pretty bad. MY right tonsil has been kinda puffy for the last few days. Ill try the salt water and brush frequently
rs126 last decade
Me, I just visited the ENT today. He said on a scale from 0 to 4 in size mine were a 2, but had lots of crypts and he did squeeze some of the foul smelling 'yellow cottage cheese' material out of the crypts.

I don't have the patience or willpower to give up all dairy, and not eat my favorite foods.

I'm scheduled to have them removed Feb 1st.

To the above poster. I also have to clear my throat a lot too.. I can't wait to get them out.
dissident last decade
I am removing my tonsils aswell. My ENT appt. is on Friday, and I hope that a tonsillectomy slot will be available soon so I don't have to wait. ..... I also clear my throat constantly, and similar to dissident do not have the patience or willpower to give up certain foods that may or may not cause stones. Call me apathetic .
katherine1 last decade

I posted on here a while ago as I was suffering from the dreaded tonsil stones. I am 20 and smoke and have very mild asthma but my docotor could'n find any explanation to the stones, they swabbed them and everything but nothing came back. I started picking them out with a cotton bud and just dealing with them. I lost alot of my self confidence because I was so worried about the stench. Then the craters in my tonsils started growing and each time they grew they bled, which I knew wasn't right. This also ment that the stones were bigger and smellier! I went back to see my doctor and he referred me to an ENT specialist, I really had to turn on the water works to get that far as he was happy just teling me to put up with them. When I went to see the ENT specialist she said it was a really bad case of the stones and didn't give me much of an explanation as to why I got them but she simply asked 'do you want your tonsils out?' so I went for it.

Six months later I got my appointment and went in for surgery (in Oct'06) When I first woke up I lay there thinking I would rather put up with the stones and bad breath lol It was painful and very uncomfortable, but a week later I was fine!! I must say the week of pain was better than a lifetime of bad breath and picking yellow lumps out of your throat.

So to all of you guys who havn't already I strongly suggest getting the things taken out, its the best thing I could have done.(Also lost a little weight as you don't feel up to eating much!!)The back of my throat is nice and smoooth, doesn't smell and I now feel more confident.

Good Luck Everyone, Annelese x
No More Stones last decade
Hello everyone-
This is my first time posting here, although I have known about this place for quite some time.

After dealing with the disgusting stones my whole life, I tried every option possible- water pik, q-tip, gargling, etc. Long story short- I could not deal with the issue any longer. Despite my attempts to 'mask' the problem, people still informed me of the issue..(how embarassing..). I had the hardest time telling my parents about the situation- they firmly believed that tonsillectomies were only for people with tonsillitis- little did they know! It took a lot of persuasion, but I finally talked them into letting me undergo the surgery.. mainly because of the risks involved.

Well, I had the surgery last Thursay- January 4th. I vaguely remember a gas mask and then waking up. The pain was not intolerable, and, to be honest, I was never that hungry- the liquid diet was fine..

Today is the 8th day since my tonsillectomy and I do have some concern.. Immediately following the surgery, I could tell the horrible taste in my mouth had disappeared, but yesterday when I went into town, I honestly had to chew a piece of gum- it had returned.. I am hoping that it is because of the scabs..

There seems to be different types of scabs in my throat- hard ones that resemble the stones (although they do not have an odor) and a soft coating at the back of my throat.. Also, my uvula has been swollen from day one- it has not gotten any smaller..

To those of you that have had tonsillectomies, did you notice the white 'coating' at the back of your throat (it wasn't there on day one)? Also, what about the swollen uvula?

I have a follow-up appointment on Tuesday. I'll see what the Doctor thinks.

Thanks everyone.

Just some quick info- I am 21, male, non-smoker, not overweight.
chris65 last decade
Does anyone here experience a sensation like heartburn on the side where they get the tonsil stones? It's hard to describe, but sometimes in the days before a stone emerges I feel discomfort in my throat on the 'stone' side that feels like heartburn. It's not restricted to the tonsil, either- it's more like a faint burn creeping up my throat on that side, from deeper in my throat than the tonsil. Burping helps relieve it, the same way that it might relieve real heartburn. I know someone had posted earlier about having gastric reflux...maybe there's a connection?
herbuveaux last decade
I've had these since 2004. Apart from one bout of tonsillitis 2 years ago, never really had tonsil problems. I've also never had strep, the occasional sore throat viruses I've had have cleared up fine on their own. I'm 17, healthy, not asthmatic or allergic, and non smoker.
But I've had these white blobs since 2004. A few months before, my sister had these as well, when she originally went to the doctor, she was misdiagnosed with a cyst, but on a follow up appointment she was told she had a really rare tonsil thing, so unusual that the doctor showed it to his colleague! They obviously can't be that unusual though, if so many of you have them.
Anyway, a few months later, I started getting them, picked them out and the crypts got bigger. I looked it up on the internet, I found out about post nasal drip, and started brushing my tongue.
It was amazing, within days they cleared up. I've tried several times to not brush my tongue and see what happens, and even if only for one brushing session, I get the white blobs for days afterwards.
Have you tried this, because it worked really well for me.
As for my sis, I keep telling her to brush her tongue, she doesn't and her breath stinks.
deedee1234 last decade
for those who are going to get their tonsils out, I've found the perfect food to stock up on for the experience ...

cans of slim fast optima.

Although I wouldn't drink these every day because they are expensive, for having your tonsils removed this is the PERFECT food...

-because of the amount of potassium and calcium they add to it (600mg potassium and 50% calcium in one can), it's one of the most alkaline drinks you can buy in a store. (soothing to the tonsils)

-it has a balanced blend of vitamins and minerals including vitamin K

-it's delicious at room temperature (soothing to tonsils to have it room temp)

-there is 5 grams of fiber in one can, reducing or eliminating the need for laxatives

-with 18 grams of sugar, 10 grams of protein, and 6 grams of fat, it has a very balanced ratio

It has everything your body needs.. buy 4 packs of 8 and drink 4 per day for the first 8 days after you get them removed... perfect. That's what I plan on doing.

It will cost you a grand total of 20 bucks, best 20 bucks you ever spent.
dissident last decade
thank you very much for your story anne... god bless. :)

It's great to see people coming back after the fact to post their success stories. I'm looking forward to february 1st..
dissident last decade
hi, i just found this site due the fact i was searching for sites about adult tonsilitis.. for the past 2 weeks i have had tonsilitis on and off.... its just made the 4th appearance... the thing is i never get sick...and if i do it only lasts a day...
the reason i have posted here is because i have had these tonsil stones for as long as i can remember... i thought it was just food stuck in there until i found this site.. i have 1 tonsil that protrudes and one that has a big massive hole in it and alot of little craters in the hole... i never thought the hole was normal but the doctors have never told me that its anything to worry about.. so ive lived with it. but now for the first time ever i can't shake this tonsilitis and to top it off my wisdom tooth is playing up.. i have a big swollen cheek and neck ..lol..i look lovely,, not!! well as far as the stone are concerned ive always just dug them out with the tweezers.. i have on occasions coughed up the same thing but always thought it was suff that was coming from my stomache.. lol i never thought it was from my tonsils.. i think i have it mild compared to alot of the people that i have read about... in some of the earlier posts i read that some people have a really high immune system... and i think i do to(except for now).. they don't like to remove tonsils here unless youve had tonsilits more than 10 times in a year..(recoreded) well 4 times in 2 weeks ..im well on my way
shazzy810 last decade
Shazzy, you are sicker than you think. You may not even have tonsillitis, I mean, if it is the stones you are mistaking for tonsillitis..

And you also say your wisdom tooth/teeth are in play. I have my uppers still, and I wonder if that has something to do with all this mess?

I got my tonsils out in November and I am doing quite well, other than still an odd feeling on the left side where the stones were. I don't know what to make of this. Seen the ENT in Dec. and he said it was scar tissue. Well, it's still there. And it's January.

I know the stones smell like what comes out of your teeth when you floss. I'm wondering if my back wisdom teeth might be more of a culprit that the actual tonsils. Dentist keeps saying to get them out, but I'm so against it. I feel like it's gonna change the structure of my face. I brush them furiously everyday...but still, maybe it's not enough.

OK KOEMELLER..if you are still here and want to do your survey, ask about the wisdom teeth and if they still have them and which ones they have. I still have my top ones. (Got the bottoms out at 24).

I had my tonsils removed, but I am still feeling an odd entity in the same place the stones were. And my inner/outer ear is affected as well. I have to back to the ENT and tell him this cause it's not right. Doesn't feel right.
ASIgirl last decade
All my wisdom teeth are gone and I get stones. Wisdom teeth have nothing to do with it.
wolverine last decade

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