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All my wisdom teeth are gone and I get stones. Wisdom teeth have nothing to do with it.
wolverine last decade

that's an interesting angle to consider. i'll make sure to include wisdom teeth in the survey.

for the record, i got my wisdom teeth out in my first year of university. i had stones before and after- the removal of my wisdom teeth made no difference, for me.

also, to the person who commented on tongue-brushing- i brush my tongue whenever i brush my teeth, and have been doing so for years. this never made a difference in the frequency or occurence of my tonsil stones.
kmoeller last decade
I brush my toungue as well, and frequently use a toungue cleaner. It has made no difference.

Heres a question for those who have had the surgery....I know most people are concerned with the bad breath problem related to tonsil stones, and I was wondering how you dealt with not being able to eat/drink 6 hours before the surgery? (Especially with having someone work on your mouth) Did you brush your teeth at all?
Any suggestions would be helpful.
katherine1 last decade
Call me a slow learner...
I have been accused of having bad breath since I was a small child. I am now 43. I have had these stones (thanks to you all I now have a name for them) for as long as I remember. Not frequently until last year. Now I get them every few days.
Not until I woke up this morning with a swollen left tonsil, swollen lymph nodes, and about 5 stones to spit out did I even think of getting on the web to find out what they are.
I have been way too embarrassed to talk with a doctor about them. Had no idea until a couple of days ago that they appear on your tonsils and that you can fish them out. I always though that they came from my stomach.
What a relief it is to know. I just scheduled an appt. for tomorrow with an ENT for the first time ever. I haven no idea - did the sore throat cause the stones (because of all the rabid post nasal drip that I have), or did the stones cause the sore throught?
I have asthma, vocal cord disfunction, horrible allergies with lots of sinus drainage, I use albuterol and advair. About 10 pounds overweight, live in a dry climate. I floss, brush and scrape everything in my mouth. Haven't really been healthy this month - have had a cold and occasional sore throat for a month. I don't smoke.
So much of what everyone is writing about sounds so familiar. Thank you all for sharing your stories here. I've had an 'aha' moment! Feel like I just woke up...
wakingup last decade
Wakingup, welcome to the forum!

You and another recent poster both said that you initially thought these things were coming from your stomach - add me to that list. When I first started getting them, I would wake up in the middle of the night because I felt what I thought was something coming up from my throat. I'd run to the sink and spit out a stone. (Yuck!)

Looking back, I think the stone worked its way lose, then I woke up when I felt it making its way down my throat. I thought for sure I had cancer of the esophagus (sp?). I was actually relieved to eventually find out what they really are.

I have also always brushed my tongue and it has had no effect.

BTW, be prepared that you may find that even your ENT doesn't know what these things are. The first ENT I went to told me that I just had an 'infected tonsil.' The second one I went to knew exactly what they were and said the only way to get rid of them is to have surgery.

Good luck tomorrow!
BettyCV last decade
Thanks bettycv. One more thing I wanted to mention... I have never noticed white spots on my throat (not until the other day when I saw one and got it out with my finger). Nor (with the exception of that one) have I ever been able to feel one in my throat like there is something caught in there. Either they are hiding, or maybe they are truly something else.
The wierd thing is that while sometimes they are whitish, they are mostly dark in color - dark grey, even with a greenish tint. I found this exerpt somewhere (maybe even on this website). What do you think of this?


**[Note especially the part about 'fungus balls' near the end.]**

Fungal sinusitis is broken down into several categories: Allergic, Fungus balls (Mycetoma), and Invasive.

Allergic fungal sinusitis (AFS) is commonly caused by Aspergillus, as well as Fusarium, Curvularia, and others. Patients often have associated asthma. The criteria include CT or MRI confirmation, a dark green or black material the consistency of peanut butter called 'allergic mucin' which typically contain a few hyphae, no invasion, and no predisposing systemic disease. Charcot-Leyden crystals, which are breakdown products of eosinophiles are often found. Usually patients are found to be allergic to the fungus, although this is controversial. This disease is analogous to Allergic Bronchopulmonary Aspergillosis. This problem is most similar to the type described at the Mayo clinic, but these patients have a much different character to their mucus.

Fungus balls often involve the maxillary sinus and may present similarly to other causes of sinusitis including a foul smelling breath. In addition to radiological abnormalities, thick pus or a clay-like substance is found in the sinuses. There is no allergic mucin, but dense hyphae are found. There is no invasion. There is an inflammatory response in the mucosa. Upon looking into the sinus, the fungus ball can vary in size from 1 mm or smaller to a size which completely occupies the sinus. It may have a greenish-black appearance. Removal of the fungus ball is the typical treatment.

Invasive sinusitis can progress rapidly, and typically necessitates surgery, often on a emergent basis and often requiring Amphotericin B intravenously as well. There have been some forms of invasive sinusitis which can cause proptosis. There is a form of chronic invasive fungal sinusitis which is associated with visual abnormalities due to bony erosion from the ethmoids.

Fungal sinusitis should obviously be treated by someone with extensive experience in treatment of that disease.
wakingup last decade

In addition to actually spitting out the stones, I had a nagging feeling of something in my throat. I thought it was VERY strange that sometimes it would be on the left and sometimes on the right. Of course, that makes sense now that I know I get the stones on both sides (but mostly on the left side). I never saw the white spots in my throat until I learned that they were tonsil stones and learned where to look (believe it or not, I had no idea which part of my throat was my tonsils.) I told me ENT that until I knew where to move my tongue that I actually couldn't see my tonsils by just opening my mouth and looking in a mirror. He agreed.

However, once my stones got to the point at which I could actually see them without probing my tonsil, it meant that my tonsil was loaded with them. I now make a point of watching the size of my tonsils and I go hunting for the stones if they seem enlarged. I actually have to pull forward on my right tonsil quite a bit to find the stones.

As for the 'fungal sinusitis' link, I am not sure that I understand it completely. It sounds like these fungus balls are only in the sinuses, not the tonsils. I have actually seen the stones come from my tonsils, so I know that mine are not from my sinus. Are you questioning whether yours may actually be two different stones - the whitish ones being tonsil stones and the greenish/grey ones a fungus ball that has come from your sinuses?

Mine are pretty consistent in color. A yellowish/greyish. I believe all of mine are coming from my tonsils.

I would be interested in hearing what your ENT has to say about it. Do you plan to print out the article and take it with you?
BettyCV last decade
Yes - I do plan to take it with me. And I was just wondering if, since I can't see them in my throat like many of the poeple can, if they were coming from my sinus cavity instead.
But, what you said makes total sense. I only wish I could move my tonsil to see if they are hiding behind. I have such a very strong gag reflex, so that is impossible. I've been trying most of the day off and on.
And by the way... I didn't even know what tonsil were or what they did until today! I knew they were in the throat but actually thought it was a bone (like a wish bone) underneath the throat walls.
Wow... I've been so in the dark.
Thanks so muuch for your help. I will post after my appt. tomorrow.
wakingup last decade
I am so happy to have found this site.. i too have these white lumps in my tonsils.. my tonsils are chronically enlarged and clearly visiable when i open my mouth and so i can see the stones immediately when they develop. I was wondering if anyone else has the same problem as me:
On my right tonsil at the base there is a large lump formed.. i am positive it is a tonsil stone with no escape.. it is just getting larger and larger and is solid hard to the touch! :( Is anyone else got it as bad to this degree?..

personally i think the worst things that i have are the bad breath and also i have sinus difficulties that i feel are all contributing..

what is the overall consensus? that surgery is the only option that has seen to have worked??
friedchick last decade
I know I have chronic post nasal drip and after reading a bunch of posts, it seems alot of people with stones do. Does anyone else think that it's a contributor?
wolverine last decade
Yes-I have them also. I have had a tonsilectomy when I was young and my doc said that there is a pocket left and collects food etc. and I feel sick when they get infected so I use the homeopathic silica-it brings the 'pus pocket' to a head within 2 days.
berta last decade
I found this place about a year or so ago when I noticed that I had a bunch of these 'stones' in my throat. Since then I've had to clean them out about once a month or when I can really start to taste it. The last few weeks I've been using my water pick every few days because it just never feels like it was going away. (By the way, I hate that water pick with a passion. I gag so bad every time I have to use the thing.) Anyway, this morning I figured out why...it's because I have them on both sides of my throat. I had no idea. The right side is somewhat easy to get to, the right side however is proving to be a total bear. I can't even get the water pick to the right angle and if I stick a Qtip back there it just makes me gag even more.

I just read on one website that there is an 'ear curette'. Ive never heard of that and dont know where to get it.

I had these off and on as a teenager and my mom had them growing up until she got her tonsils out when she was in her mid 20's. (I'm 27).

I also read that shouting and singing can help dislodge them. Has that helped anyone? Hopefully, because then I can tell my husband I have an excuse to yell :):)
Speedylittleme last decade
When I went to the ENT, he kept repeating how congested I was. I don't know if that is the same thing as post nasal drip or not... I know I blow my nose many, many times each morning. The steam from the shower really seems to loosen everything up.

I *think* an ear curette is that very pointed instrument that the dr. removes ear wax with. I can't image that it would be safe to use that to remove stones.

I have been considering getting a water pik. For those of you that have them, do you use them to dislodge the stones, or do you use them keep the crypts clean once the stones are removed some other way? I think way back someone mentioned making the opening bigger because the strength of the water was too great. Do others agree? Does anyone feel that using the water pik might actually push the stones in deeper? That is a fear I have.

One last thing - when we went on vacation last summer, I took three consecutives rides on a rollercoaster (one with each kid). I love rollercoasters, but I scream the entire time. I dislodged several stones while screaming. So yes, speedylittleme, I believe that yelling might do the same thing. Not sure if singing would get enough vibration going to get the stones out.
BettyCV last decade
In for my tonsilectomy tomorrow. Getting a little nervous now. Will let all know my experience.
dr_pepper last decade
Good luck, dr pepper!!!
BettyCV last decade
I am 28 and just now got my first 'set of tonsil stones'. I had no clue whatsoever what they were, and yes they smell very very bad. I am so glad I found this site and there are many more people who have the same thing. I as a child had many sore throats and strep-throat over and over again (atleast once a year). I feel so bad thinking this is so horrible and some of you have had this for years and years. Thank you all for suggestions and comments, it really makes me feel a whole lot better!
charity13 last decade

I didn't see how that ear tool thing would be safe either, but the site said so.

I use the water pik to dislodge them. I just have such a bad gag reflex and it's hard to do. I don't know what to try next.
Speedylittleme last decade
Just got back from my first visit to the ENT. Everyone is right on the money - he wanted me to get the tonsils removed. He said the only other thing to do is gargle with salt water and use a waterpik.
So, I left his office and bought a waterpik. Since I can't see the 'whitespots, yet my left tonsil is enlarged and very sore, I pointed that thing at it on a low setting. It felt like someone poked it with an icepik and next thing you know I'm bleeding.
I just don't know what to do. His attitude was that it was no big deal. He actually said, 'well you don't have anything really big wrong with you like cancer.' I had the feeling that he was more focused on sizing up the bump on my nose since he also does facial plastic surgery! I actually asked him if he was staring at it! He got embarrased...
Anyway, I called a homeopathic doctor and acupuncturist and will see him on Friday. At this point, what do I have to lose.
My theory? I think it's food related. I have a gut feeling that maybe it has to do with gluten. I have been eating more bread that ever lately.
I also have an appt. with an allergist to get tested for food allergies. He can do a skin test for 42 foods, and they just came out with a new blood test for gluten allergy.
I AM going to find an answer!!
wakingup last decade
Heres a question for those who have had the surgery....I know most people are concerned with the bad breath problem related to tonsil stones, and I was wondering how you dealt with not being able to eat/drink 6 hours before the surgery? (Especially with having someone work on your mouth) Did you brush your teeth at all?
Any suggestions would be helpful.
katherine1 last decade
I'm not sure what the aversion to tonsil removal is. Sure it's not for everybody, but honestly is it really healthy to be pulsing your tonsils with a water pik daily? Or to be squeezing/poking/prodding them with utensils that probably aren't as sterilized as you think? IMHO - if this is a condition that really bugs you - get them removed. If you don't want to get them removed I think you're better off just leaving them alone. Possibly go the route of trying/avoiding certain foods......possibly. For me it's quite simple. I took all those healthy people I know without tonsils (probably 50% of the adults I know don't have them) combined it with the probability of there being something wrong with my operation and weighed it against my quality of life. I am so self conscious of my breath I avoid talking to people. I avoided talking to my superiors at work - right down to not wanting to have a close face to face conversation with my kids. Those two things weighed against each other result in an acceptable risk to me to hopefully end up with a better quality of life.

Maybe I'm kidding myself, but i don't think the two bouts of strep I went through without pain killers last year is going to be any worse than the post op pain with pain killers. But I'll soon find out.......
dr_pepper last decade
I did not have any trouble not eating or drinking 12 hours before. (surgery) Why is that in question? Sorry, but I don't understand the concern for not being able to drink or eat six?(6) hrs before? Water is ok up until midnight, the night before. A little water is allowed with whatever meds you may need to take the day of. Plus brushing your teeth.

And to waking up, that has the ENT/Facial Surgeon..um...not sure about this one. He seems pretty blase' about it, but so did my ENT. It's not like I was dying, but his answer was to get them out. He is an excellent ENT and works for my bosses brother (so my bill kinda has gone by the wayside). But that was his final answer. Get them out.

It has been 2 months since they were removed. I am still having some ear issues (itchy in the left one). And I still feel like there is something back there (altho, not as bad as what the stones were). I just went to my Family Practitioner and he looked at my throat and said it looked good. He said, however, my ear left ear is full of fluid. Hence, the itchiness. Don't know if this has anything to do w/the tonsillectomy, but I am still feeling a little odd on my left side after 2 months. But everyone that looks at my throat says it looks great. So..but it still feels like there is something there. (The family DR said that you can't take the entire tonsil..you have to leave some there.)...HuH? If I have to go back and have to have a tube in my ear or my effing nub (tonsil ripped out by the roots) I am gonna have a 'stone'!. Snort.

Right now I think I am free of the stones, but I am still not 100% on how I think my throat should feel. It's all the left side...ear and all.

But for those of you (Dr Pepper) that are gonna do it, it's not nearly as bad as what some make it out to be. You won't remember shiot..and you will have drugs. You will survive.
ASIgirl last decade
hi, about 2 weeks ago my husband went to the doc because he was sick. He had an upper resp infection and the doc put him on antibiotics, though he found this whiteish dot in the back of his throat. He told him to see and ent but we don't habe the money to do that right now. he does smoke and he thinks it;s cancer. i think it's either this ton. thing or an uncler. Now he use mouth was everyday and i haven't noticed any bad breath, though he does have a sinus problem too. please help.
babitz last decade
babitz... I would be very surprised if it's cancer. I think all of us thought the worst at one point until we figured out what this was.

Does everyone find it interesting that most of the folks who have this have either sinus or asthama issues? And, that sinus and asthma are typically allergy induced?
I just have this feeling that it has to do with allergies, and specifically food allergies.
I'd rather experiement with this than get the surgery. I came to this site because it's a homopathic site - looking for natural solutions. Surgery is not. While it ultimatley may be the only thing that works, I really want to try everything else first. Last resort - I'll get surgery.

That being said, has anyone experiemented with cutting certain things out fo their diets? I read one entry that said as soon as they started a healthy lifestyle - eating right, exercising etc, that he problem went away. I find that very interesting.

Several years ago, I did a cleansing program with a product called UltraClear. It tasted nasty, but I mixed it with some carrot juice and water and used it as a meal replacement for 2 weeks. The only food I ate for the majority of the time was white rice which has a lack of known food allergens. The idea is to cleanse, then introduce other foods back into your system to see how you react. Allergy or intolerance inducing foods such as red meat (I'm allergic to pork), wheat (gluten) and dairy can REALLY be felt once they are out of your system and you try to eat them again.

I'm sharing this because I was the healthiest and most energetic I had ever been in my life. Not only did I lose weight, but also had the energy to start exercising on a regular basis. It was altogether a great experience. Of course, bad habits crept back in, but I plan to try it again and will pay close attention to how this affects my tonsils and the stones.

I believe that it is no coincidence that our tonsils are part of our lymphatic system that captures and rids our body of its toxins and poisons. It is entirely likely that those of us with the stones have extra toxins brought about by our body's unique reaction to certain allergens that we don't even know we have.

I would love to hear what some of you think about this theory.

Best of luck to those of you who plan the surgery. Has anyone out there gotten it when they are in their 40's? I'm 43 and think that maybe I'm too old anyway. I hear the risk is greater the older you get.
wakingup last decade
I've had really bad post nasal drip since I was a baby...I guess that could have something to do with it.

I really dont know what else to do. But I agree with whoever said that making your throat bleed on a regular basis is not very healthy either.
Speedylittleme last decade
well - the surgery was pretty much what i expected. the worst part was sitting/laying in that crappy hospital bed for 3 hours. Yesterday was pretty rough. Very weak from not eating. Today is a little better. Pretty much same amount of pain as strep, but teh Tylenol edefinitely helps. Still not eating too much. Have gotten down a meal replacement drink and am keeping hydrated with water and gatorade. We shall see what tomorrow brings.
dr_pepper last decade
On to day 2 of post op. Pretty much the same as yesterday. Managed to get some Mac and Cheese down last night. I haven't had much of an appetite though. The day of the surgery my stomach was really screaming for some food, but yesterday and today not so much. Had a pancake this morning and am really just working on keeping hydrated. I don't imagine my throat will feel any better until Monday at the earliest. I may not update until I see/feel some changes. So far I'm still thinking I made the right decision though.
dr_pepper last decade

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