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I think I can clear up some confusion. The first few posts and the title of this thread talk about white bumps in the throat but the subject went on to something else after that and the vast majority of posts on this thread are dealing with tonsil stones. You are abviously describing something different than tonsil stones, a condition I personally am not familiar with but the confusion exists because most here found this thread looking for information on tonsil stones. It sounds to me you are describing more of an ulcerative condition and possibly a different kind of infection that is not necessarily limited to the tonsils like tonsil stones. If you go through the many pages of posts here you can find a great deal of info on tonsil stones but unfortunately not much on your condition. I hope you find what information you are looking for and your health improves.
darak last decade
Ok ok, I understand now. I wonder if it is possible to change the title of this forum?
katherine1 last decade
I too suffer from these nasty smelly lumps. I have only really noticed it this passed month. I suffer from sinusitis, i'm not sure if the two are connected. The only way to get rid is to really cough and clearing of the throat. My partner gets really annoyed when i do this as it doesn't sound so nice. I know my breath must smell coz the lumps i cough up reall y stink or though my partner hasn't told me that it does. It really is humiliating and embarrissing and i'm not sure how to stop this. I clean my teeth twice daily and gargle with antiseptic mouthwash. I'm too scared for surgery. anyone got some good advice? or is the only answer surgery?
kitzy last decade

I have no answers for you. It is a mystery what these things are,where they come from, why some have them, and why some don't.

I think acid reflux could definitley play a part in irritation of the throat and maybe making the stones worse. I have reflux terribly...there is no proof of this, but I know if I don't take my reflux meds daily, I am in big trouble.

I would suggest going back and reading some stuff on this board. I know there are 60+ pages, but there are alot of theories and things that people have tried that may help you.

I was having a rather bad bout with these nasty little things over the last year and I found this site. I read and read and read, and came to the conclusion after about 6 months of constant irritation, I had just 'had' it. I opted for surgery. I am only about 2 weeks post op but my throat is looking and feeling better everyday, and I am confident that my breath is better, but best of all, no irritation.

I really would just suggest going back thru Kitzy, and reading some of what is on this board. If you have the time.
ASIgirl last decade
to those advising surgery:

i would agree that if stones are a serious problem for you, then perhaps it's the right solution.

for people like me, who only seems to get stones on and off, surgery seems to drastic. i would rather find out what is causing the problem and treat it like that, as opposed to just cutting out my tonsils.

as was mentioned, i would also like to get some info from people who have had their tonsils out 5 or 10 years ago. just because you had your tonsils out a month or two ago, and haven't seen a stone yet, you CANNOT claim that taking your tonsils out is a cure-all.

i think it would be a little more wise to see what happens down the road, instead of just saying something to the effect of 'hey, look at me, i had my tonsils out a week ago and now everything is perfect, so you should do it too! it's a miracle cure!'

i think it is also very important to keep in mind that what works for some people might not necessarily work for others. for example, i would resent being told 'you need to get your tonsils removed, because it worked for me' by someone who knows nothing about me. i have difficulties with minor surgeries, and unless stones are ruining my life, i would not take the surgery approach lightly. and as someone who can't take pain meds during recovery, that would also influence my decision. i'm sure i'm not the only out there who has that problem, either.

this is a forum to share info. there is absolutely no need to tell people 'you need to do this OR ELSE!' that's not helpful- that's rude and ignorant. what's helpful is sharing stories, remedies, theories, and anything else that may shed some light on the subject.
kmoeller last decade
one more thing-

i was just reading back and noticed someone suggested compiling a survery of sorts. i think that's a great idea!

if enough people were interested in responding to it, i would be willing to volunteer to add up the data. i would set up a hotmail or gmail account for that purpose, and people could send their responses there. or, if someone on here has decent web skills and the time to put together a quick survery site where reponses could be automatically compiled, that would be good.

unless i hear otherwise, i will start putting together some questions for this survery. if there are any questions you want on the survery, please let me know. when the survery is all put together, it would be nice if people here could get the word out by posting it on sites that they frequent (eg craigslist, livejournal, etc).

so my question is: if i go ahead and start putting together a survery, would people be willing to contribute questions, respond to it, and post it on other sites to help get a larger sample?
kmoeller last decade
Jeez Kmoeller, not sure if that was directed at me. I am no way advising anyone of anything, and there is no doubt you are correct about only having them out for a few weeks. I do not know yet what long term affects will be.

I also stated in a previous post that it is a very personal decision to have surgery and not to be rushed into (I chickened out on and off for a year) before deciding.

I don't think I am rude or ignorant because I had an easy time with the surgery and just wanted to share my experience. I didn't say 'go out and do it'. And I never once said it was a cure all. I just wanted to share, that for me, it was not the horror surgery that I thought it was gonna be.

And also, for the record, my ENT is the one who told me that a tonsillectomy was the only way to be rid of them for good. But obviously, there are some people on here, that this is not the case. I've heard that tonsils do grow back if they are not all removed.

I totally am in agreement that surgery is drastic for some, AND I AM NOT ADVISING anyone to do that, especially if you do not have an ongoing or bothersome problem with the stones. If you can get rid of them some other way, more power to ya. I tried. Didn't work.

So Kmoeller, if you would like to go on and share your remedies, stories, theories, and whatever else...Have at it.

My tonsils are out, my problem is gone, so my time is done here.

ASIgirl last decade
that wasn't directed at you. i have just noticed that during the time i've been on here, periodically some people come along and insist that surgery is the way to go (someone on page 60, i think, was doing so in a rather rude fashion). i was simply stating that its' important to remember what works for one person isn't always the best solution for everyone else.

by all means, share stories about getting the surgery done. that's important, because people need to know what to expect if they're going through with it.

but again, i will say that it's a little hasty to state that your problem is no longer just because you had surgery a week, two weeks, a month, 6 months, etc ago. i would imagine it would take years to determine if surgery really is the end of the problem. waaaaaay back in the earlier pages, i recall at least one person who mentioned he had his tonsils taken out when he was younger, and decades later he found he was getting stones again.

i would hate to think that someone would put themselves through surgery, especially upon the advice and urgings of others, when the problem would merely hibernate for awhile instead of actually go away.
kmoeller last decade
oh, and i HAVE shared what works for me. if anyone is curious, go ahead and read back through my posts.
kmoeller last decade
Well,Kmoeller, I am 38,and if the surgery works for 3 or 4 decades and then they come back, I will be probably be dead so it won't matter. Even if it works for 2 decades, I will think it would have been worth it. But only time will tell what my outcome of this is going to be. And I am definitely not far enough along yet.

I guess what I was trying to get across mostly, was that I was so terrified of having the surgery and because I came thru it quite well, I was just very, very happy that I didn't die from the anesethic(sp?) or that I was not bedridden for a week.

My pure joy from healing so well, is why I have been posting in favor of it, I suppose. Maybe I had a good Dr. I don't know.

But it is true that everyone is different, and what might have worked for me, would be agony for someone else.

There is alot of positive info on this board and I really urge any newcomers to take the time and read thru as much as you can.

I was just at the end of 'MY' rope. But that doesn't mean you all are.

Good Luck!
ASIgirl last decade
I just have to comment based on the last few posts that there is more than this than I believe most people are willing to let themslves believe. Since this IS a homeopathic website it might be proper to consider how an illness or condition is effecetd by how the person with that illness feels about it. Medical science (i.e. modern medicine, allopathy), who I think most Americans and Westerners in general have the most confidence in, will denounce this possibility wholeheartedly yet it is modern medicine that has proven this effect to be true time and time again with the placebo effect among other things. The evidence for this is everywhere, but realistically in the U.S. and in most other Western nations, if we were able to heal ourselves without allopathy, we would have much bigger problems on our hands namely the complete and total destruction of our economy since nobdy would need prescription drugs, surgery or any other allopathic treatment. So it is actually very simple, if you feel like this problem is the worst thing that could happen to you, it will be. If you feel like nothing will work, it wont. If you say the only possible way for you to feel at ease is to have surgery then you will eventually have surgery no matter how long you beat around the bush to schedule it. If you will search the ends of the earth to find something that fixes the problem until it is gone for good, you will find it, and likely fix other problems along the way. You are your own biggest influence, especially when it comes to self-image. Know that if you seek to find a way to cure yourself, you will find it one way or another, wether the condition is merely an annoyance or the worst thing in the world.
darak last decade
So true Darak, great post....This is a homeopathic thread. I honestly forgot that.

I guess those of us that have gotten the tonsils out and have been talking about it, should be thankful we weren't kicked right off here. Because a tonsillectomy is definitley not homeopathic in anyway.

So, back to the remedies and stuff. I am done hijacking. I may lurk for ahwile and just see what all transpires. And if I feel my opinion may be of service to anyone, I will post.
ASIgirl last decade
ASIgirl, your post are great! Thank God for wonderful, smart people like you.
johnadaniels last decade
Now kids, it seems that most of you here don't know what you're dealing with, and to be frank, it's making a few of you look stupid.
Tonsiliths are build-ups of bacteria and dead epithelial cells within the crypts of the tonsils. They are natural, and most people will have them once or twice in their lifetime. For those of us who have them nonstop, and suffer for it, the condition is called 'Chronic Cryptic Tonsilitis.'
Removing the tonsils WILL stop the problem, because these rocks aren't precipitating out of your throat, they are growing inside the cavities of your tonsils.

Now it's time for a brief anecdote! Once, when I was a sophomore in high school, I was industriously pulling out my tonsiliths with a crochet hook (though the hook easily scoops up the rocks and makes it easier to remove them, I highly advise against this idea), when lo, the hook got caught in one of the cavities [I had gone too far in and it wasn't looking pretty]. Naturally, I was terrified, and stupidly decided to try to relax [really though, I had a 6 inch piece of metal sticking out of my throat. just a bit of discomfort]. Consequently, the hook went farther in and was just about impossible to work out. So, the only possibility before I passed out and died was for my lovely father to grab the hook with one hand, put his other on my shoulder, and RIP IT OUT. Blood everywhere and new holes to fill with bacteria! Sounds like a lot of fun, now, doesn't it.
If you haven't figured it out yet, I have long since adopted a staunch anti-tonsil viewpoint, and, personally, am sick of them. Even though I'm struggling to pay my college tuition, I'm more than happy to take out a loan to get the little buggers out, and if a surgeon refuses to do it [they call it 'cosmetic surgery' where I come from. what a load.], well I suppose that Mr. Coathanger will have to do the trick. The ER can take care of it from there.
MuffinTyrant last decade
Well, I like to think I'm smart, but there is someone always infinetly smarter...

Where ya from, JD? If you don't mind me asking that is.

Pardon, fellow posters, while I try to satisfy my curiousity.
ASIgirl last decade
Jeez, Tyrant, hard to believe anyone w/half a brain would consider a tonsillectomy 'cosmetic surgery'.

That's health insurance for ya.
ASIgirl last decade
wow, if you're seriously so desperate that you're resorting to sticking coathangers or other metal hooks and whatnot in your tonsils, then surgery might be the answer for you.

since it's obviously not a good idea to be sticking stuff in there anyways, i would think it's wise to stick to things like sterile cotton swabs, which won't bring in a whole horde of bacteria.

so is anyone interested in the idea of putting together a survey? obviously it wouldn't directly give rise to some miracle cure, but it might be interesting to see what people with stones have in common.
kmoeller last decade
I would definitely like to ANSWER a survey and contribute in that sense... but I am a bit too lazy to create one :)
katherine1 last decade
I would answer a survey even tho I don't have tonsils anymore.
ASIgirl last decade
I get these too, I brush my teeth for 15mins everyday, I amvery hygienic and was suprised with what exactly these yellow/white object was. I first got these at the age of 10, and have been getting them once or twice per week. I notice that if i brush my teeth for longer that these yellow objects will stay at bay for a while.

I am quite athletic and these yellow objects usually come out from the throat and into my mouth when running or doing any type of exercise, this may be dsue to the increased airflow forcing the object to be released from the throat and into the mouth.

As someone stated near the beginnning of the post, that your Tonsols are useful as they act as filters i do not want them removed. Indeed they do not cause too mcuh of a problem, if you chew some mint chewing gum regularly or eat Apples and other fruite i notice the yellow objects are usually delayed, and occur less frequently.

Glad to know what this was about.

No one else in my family actually gets this.

however my sister sneezed her tonsols out through her nose when she was a child, the tonsils where stuck in the nose and had to be surgically removed.
SCORPIAN_KING80 last decade
Whoa. That was a crazy story.
katherine1 last decade
i'll start working on putting together a survey. it's not going to be anything fancy, though. i'll probably post it here when i'm done, and provide an email address (which i will set up specifically for this survey) that answers can be sent to.

if anyone has specific questions that they would like included in the survey (it's not going to be super comprehensive- just general stuff, i guess) please post them here.
kmoeller last decade
i went ahead and quickly set up an email account for this survery, so if anyone wants to contribute questions, or has suggestions, etc please contact me!

tonsil.stones.survey at gmail.com
kmoeller last decade
Hi There,

I'm new to this board...but not new to tonsil stones.

Here's my story...I can remember being a young girl and coughing up this disgusting smelling ball. Never told anyone...as it just didn't seem normal. I would get them after that every couple of years...but nothing serious. In my mid 20's I started getting them all the time. I could feel them. The tast was enough for me to realize that they were there. And like many of you...I had a hard time swallowing and a ton of mucus build up. I tried throwing up...as I thought the smell came from my stomach. I went to a gastroenterologist who did a series of not fun tests including and endoscopy. He couldn't come up with anything...said it was GERD and told me to change my diet. I was all of 22 at the time...skinny and ate well...so it made no sense. Then I had a brilliant idea...sick as it was I thought the next time I cough one of these things up...I'll bring it to him so that he doesn't think I'm out of my mind. That never happened. I searched the internet...spent hours on it looking for what this could be. I felt like people could smell them from a mile away...I'm in sales...so it doesn't help. Finally I saw a Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat doctor. She said...you have tonsil stones. Explained what they were. I wanted to kiss her. You have no idea. I thought I was out of my mind. She said the only thing to get them out is getting my tonsils removed. I did. It was relatively painless. But I have a high threshold for pain . And I was more excited to be rid of these. WELL HERE IS WHERE THE STORY CHANGES. That operation was 7 years ago. About 6 months ago I felt my throat start to hurt. I felt like I was getting sick. Then that same feeling came about. The stink you feel in the back of your throat. I coughed one up. Almost died. I thought I was done with them. I didn't get another one until last week. I can't get this one up. I can't find it (I never was able to see them) and don't know what to do. Has anyone else had their tonsils removed years ago and are now reappearing? I thought this was gone. I really want to cut a hole in my throat and get them out. As once its dislodged I feel instantly better. Sorry for the long post. But its scares me that they came back and I have no tonsils.
Spina last decade
Spina, johnadaniels, and anyone else considering a tonsillectomy....

Your story above is the EXACT reason why I do not want to have a tonsillectomy. I don't want to waste money on something that isn't entirely fool proof anyway, to end up with a load of problems several years down the road.

Which is why I am keeping them for the time being until someone can come up with something proven to work long term, or at least explain the cause.
SkeerdofaTnA last decade
Thankfully my insurance covered it at the time. I did get rid of them for 7 years...which was TOTALLY worth it. And now they don't pop up all the time...but like 1 every 6 months or so.
Spina last decade

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