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Man Man I had PND also and I just had my tonsils removed and I have not had any sinus problems within the past two weeks, my PND is almost completely clear and again my tongue which was ALWAYS covered white no matter how long or how hard I brushed and it didn't matter what toothpaste I used my tongue stayed covered in that Sulfer.

I have noticed a major difference in the way my mouth feel and taste.

I wished I would have done this earleir...

The judge is still out on the bad breath because my dr says you will have bad breath for about 15 days until your tonsils are completley healed....

As far as I know I probably just have regular bad breath not the deathly kind I used to have....
tonsilsnomore last decade
to man-man
my husband says i have bad breath but i don't think i do. no it doesn't come out my nasal passage. but every night my PND starts and every morning I have to blow out boogers that are disgustingly thick. What are you thinking I should do>?
jointhecrowd last decade
Tonsilsnomore-- What is the connection between tonsils and PND? I didn't think they were related. I also never thought of myself having PND but now am questioning this. In the morning I always have mucous in my throat, and constantly have to clear my throat throughout the day. Could that be a sign??
katherine1 last decade
Hi Katherine, I don't know if PND and tonsils are related but the mucus goes down the throat and I am sure some of that stuff gets caught in your tonsils. I am not an expert and have very little to offer as a resolution for Tonsil stones.

I actually came on here looking for help and decided after some time to have my tonsils removed. I tried the vinegar, peroxide, and everything and nothing helped my bad breath. I had my tonsils removed and honestly PND has stopped.

Maybe someone else knows the connection between the sinus, tonsils, and post nasal drip...
tonsilsnomore last decade
Tonsilsnomore-thanks for the info. I can't take what's going on with me. I'm leaning towards having the tonsils removed.

Katherine 1-I'm not an expert but if you swallowing mucus in the morning and throughout the day including after meals then you have PND.

jointhecrowd-I really can't tell you what to do. At one point I didn't understand what was happening to me. Then I just started to gather info on the subject based on what was going on with me. I concluded that possibly having my tonsils removed would stop the tonsil stones from deveolping, get rid of the coated tongue and the nasty morning taste that you can't smell but you know its there. Possibly causing additional bacteria from coating the nasal passages or throat and producing the odor that would result from it (that's my theory on that).
man-man last decade
Tonsilsnomore-if you can report on how your doing after your tonsils heal completely that would be great.
man-man last decade
Im pretty set on getting my tonsils removed... Im willing to deal with any problems afterwards if it helps my breath. I just dont want it to be a pointless surgery, you know>
katherine1 last decade
katherine1, I understand because I'm thinking about the same thing aswell.
man-man last decade
I have found a solution to my tonsil problems. Most of the odors and stones were forming somewhere in my nasal passages and like another poster said the small pathway that connects to the back of the ear...

my solution is a neti pot and a nasal wash, where I flood one nostril while holding the other shut, and kind of "flex my tonsils" until I get the solution to come out my mouth. Along with it comes tonsil stones.. some small, some huge, and the odor is virutally gone, too. I do this once a day, it only takes a few minutes.

I use salt and baking soda in the mixture.
dissident last decade
Check this out... :) looks like you are right!

justmebyanyname last decade
This is all so interesting to read. I have had this problem since as long as I can remember. It comes and goes. I just find it irritating. I don't have PND but I do get a lot of sinus infections and tonsilitis. When I was younger the dr wanted my tonsils out but my parents refused. As an adult I get tonsilitis and strep less often but I do have it once a year on average and sinus infections 2-4 times a year.

Just one questions...sorta gross...what size of stones are all of you talking about? Maybe they just don't annoy me as much or maybe mine are smaller. The largest ones I have seen (and only seen these 3 or 4 times ever) are the size of a green pea. But most commonly the size and shape of a piece of cottage cheese. I noticed one post a man said he had them the size of a large grape. I think I would pass out if something the size of a grape came out of my tonsils!

Also does anyone else ever have them a bright green color?

I also wanted to add I don't have them at all when I am on antibiotics. And the increase after being sick or after anything traumtic. Like right after I gave birth in December I had a lot of them that were larger ones and more of the nasty green color. I was in a car accident once and suddenly had a mouth full of them....lol. I guess it was the force of the impact. How is that for gross?!
HappyMommyx4 last decade
Never have had them a true green. Kind of a yellow green sometimes. But, mine live in my tonsils for a longggg time before popping out. We've had people in here saying theirs are orange. I'm not really sure what causes the different colors. And yours sound like normal size and texture.

The key to knowing if you have tonsil stones is the smell. Just touch your tonsil with your finger and smell it. You'll know for sure if you have them. I'd flip out too if mine were the size of a grape.

And I they are some sort of bacteria (personally I still think its the Actinomyces israeli) growing in our tonsils. Kind of a constant low grade infection. If you get sick or stressed, or even exposed to things you are allergic to, they flare up for most of us.

justmebyanyname last decade
Would someone else please read this and tell me what you think?


I'm so thinking this is it.

Thanks in advance!
justmebyanyname last decade
There are 32 pages of posts here so I haven't read nearly all but what I have read is mostly debates of what causes tonsil stones (infection, virus...etc)and how to treat them. An ENT first told me what it was so (call me crazy) wouldn't talking to a specialist be better than searching through bizarre disorders on the internet?
HappyMommyx4 last decade
Here's another one...
"Characterized by multiple abscesses and interconnecting sinus tracts that contain granules of microcolonies imbedded in tissue elements
Microcolonies are macroscopic masses of filamentous bacterial cells that are "cemented" together by calcium phosphate
Known as sulfur granules due to their yellow or orange appearance"
from ...


That puts the smell of sulfur and calcium phosphate both in the picture.
justmebyanyname last decade
Hey guys, I think i suffer from these things too and im soo depressed about it.
Both my tonsils are enlarged and have white spots (some which are not really spots but more like just big white patches) on them. It started about a month ago I had a bit of a sore throat but not much and then notice this white stuff on my tonsils. At first I thought it was just a bit of infection and as I was soo busy with other things I didnt really think about it too much. last week i went to my GP who gave me amoxycillin....but it did nothing (although I only waited 5 days before going back to the doc.)In fact I think the tonsils look worse now....anyway I went back to my GP who referred me to an ENT. He said the most likely possibility is that it was this kind of debris and white stuff produced by the tonsils, that isnt serious, but may not go away without having tonsils removed. He seemed to think it was nothing, although I also had a blood test to rule out mono. (waiting results)

I thought that eventually they would go away......I don't want my tonsils to just stay like this!!! Also i feel so self conscious that i have bad breath!!!!!!! My boyfriend is coming back next week, I havnt seen him for 2 weeks....and now I feel to scared to kiss him. Also we havnt been together long (1 month) i'm soo depressed about this. What can I do???? Is there anything I can do for the breath. Can't tell if its bad but im soo worried about kissing him!

BTW i have tried to see if i can remove them...but they dont seem to budge and i dont want to hurt myself. The ENT doc also tried to see if it wd come off and said wasnt. Don't know why????

I am soo sad....need ur advice please. I just want them to go away!
Ales06 last decade

Don't stress yourself out about this. Do your general mouth cleaning. And I'd try gargling with honey water (three parts honey to 1 part honey - someone else suggested this and it seems to be working). And if you've been kissing before, and they are just showing up in you, then maybe he has them too. You caught them from somewhere if these are caused by bacteria. And would you please print these off for your doctor and see what he says about them for me. ;) It would give him an idea of the tests needed to get a proper diagnosis for you.



If this is what you have, then the short term antibiotics won't do it. This requires a year of antibiotic treatment.

Good Luck
justmebyanyname last decade
Thanks justmebyanyname, appreciate the support. Looked at the links...don't think it is the first one. On the second, my ENT doc also gave me some lozenges for fungus, he said he didnt think it was likely to be a fungus but that if it was a few days of the lozenges wd clear it up.

I have been sooo stressed for the past month with various things, it probably hasnt helped. I don't think my bf has this (well...he doesnt smell bad anyway) but its funny....a lot has happened lately.
Its actually a bit embarassing....but this all started about a month ago. I went to see my gyno (as was starting new rel) had some tests done and had Chlamydia!!!!!!!! was really upset about it, but took antibiotics for 2 weeks and it cleared up. My throat and white stuff started at same time, prob on day or day after i started the antibiotics. I kept thinking it was nothing and wd go and that the antibiotics wd help..but didnt. I did kiss my boyfriend at the time....and i guess my breath was not bad ...as he was happy to kiss me!!
But now....i think its worse...and i do feel strange taste...i really hope my breath is not soo bad!!!!!!! He may be coming back on sunday.
What is the best way to deal with the breath??

Do you think this could be caused by......oral sex??? Or the antibiotics??
Ales06 last decade
Oh boy,
I focus my researching on the net to tonsil stones. I don't think you have them. I think you just have an infection.

In answer to your question... yep.


Girl... get that guy tested and treated and I wouldn't kiss anyone until treated.

Did both doctors know about the chlamydia? One may have been working blind.

Good Luck!
justmebyanyname last decade
I told both doctors....and it didnt really seem to worry them at all. Infact they didnt mention it. My bf is getting tested as soon as he is back. Also he also took the antibiotics for 2 weeks. I had a swap done after having taken the antibiotics and had no other infections...down there...

Thing is the ENT didnt think it was an infection, and the antibiotics havnt helped! He said that i've had enough antibiotics and should stop them. He thought that it was probably debris and stuff being produced by the tonsils (like tonsil stones i guess). I have had something like this before...had stuff on my tonsils (about 2 yrs ago) lasted for a while...but then just went about (maybe 2 weeks). At time thought it was an infection.

Why don't you think i have them?? it sounds like what people are talking about on here (except i cant get them out....though i havnt pushed that hard) Also think they smell bad....which is the worst thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ales06 last decade
Ok, If you are really sure it's tonsil stones. And you have the sulfur smell I'd have them test for Actinomyces. That's my best idea! I presonally havent found a doctor yet with half a clue about tonsil stones. *sigh*

Good Luck!
justmebyanyname last decade
ok thanks......well i just really want it to go away. May go and see a different ENT next week as my one didnt seem very bothered about it or that i was concerned about having bad breath.

Don't know why he didnt do a swab of my throat...just to check.

Ales06 last decade
I have had these since i was 13 maybe. And only recently Have they started to appear on my left tonsil. They gross me out, their desgusting. When they fall out i am left with a whole in my tonsil. But, alwell as these nasty things my thyroid glands have been up for about 4 months, and the bumps recently in the past 2 weeks. I was just wondering whether my bumps have anything to do with my glands? i Doubt it. Im just curious, and will my bumps go and stop coming back soon because their desgusting and i have to avoid kissing a guy with the desgusting smell of them!
Natalie x
Nataliebrown last decade
forgot to mention that im 16 now!
Nataliebrown last decade
Hey Nat,
I'm not sure I get the question. When you say your thyroid glands have been up for about 4 months do you mean swollen? Not that I would know the answer even if I did understand the question. But, tonsils are closely connected with the lymph system which is a gland...so I'd say the answer is maybe. I'm kind of thinking more than maybe because of symptoms other people have had... prostate infection and lymph nodes swollen. And all this still makes me think they are ...


Good Luck!
justmebyanyname last decade
Thanks!! yeah i mean swollen! thankyou!
Nataliebrown last decade

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