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well...i think when i was reading through this post.. that a crypt was like a little hole or like a depth in my tonsil? well there is one i guess...and it is only of the left side. and the things arnt really hard...like if you squezze them it just like flattens out i guess.. my throat feels kind of scratchy i guess...but that might just be from trying to scrap these white things out.
Meagan last decade
Meagan, I agree with ASlgirl in that I think you should find an ENT (Ear Nose Throat) doctor to determine if you have tonsil stones. Other doctors and even dentists don't seem to have a clue. The visit will take less then 20 minutes and all the doctor will do is look at your throat, there is nothing invasive done. At the very least you will have an answer. At that point you can decide how you prefer to face the problem.
MsBlase last decade
Oh god. If I could turn back time I wouldn't have wasted so much effort talking to professionals such as dentists and family doctors about these stones. They really have no clue what you're talking about, which is sad, since it seems to affect ALOT of people.
I've made another ENT appt to get my tonsils out once and for all!
katherine1 last decade
Well, definitley a scratchy throat is consistent with the problem.

You say what you pulled out of your throat was not really hard and you smashed it flat? Did it smell nasty, or did you even notice?

Most of the people here complain alot of bad breath and that is why alot of us have chosen a drastic measure to get rid of them. Not all, but some.

If you get scratchy enough and yucky breath enough..you'll know you have them. If it's just a passing thing, then you'll know that too. For most of us, here, they are unmistakable. If you have them, you know it.

Some people can deal with it better than others. I chose to get my tonsils yanked. So far, I am not sorry.
ASIgirl last decade
And BTW...Merry Hacking Christmas!!!!
ASIgirl last decade
Hi, I've read through quite a few of the previous posts, Since i was about 6 I suffered from strep almost constantly untill my early teens, I also had very enlarged toncils and the stones in the crypts that everyone is talking about. For quite a while they stopped bothering me untill about last year when I started having sore throats on and off with the large white bumps in my throat. My toncils got even larger, I had constant pain in down my left side of face and throat, and after seeing multiple ENT docotors and constant antibiotic treatment it was finally decided that I should have my toncils taken out. The surgery was awful for me, I think i'm still recouporating but not sure if its something different. The muscles on the left side of my throat don't seem to be functioning totally and the left side still hurts continuously and just doesn't feel normal (the best way i can put this is when i drink soda I can't feel the fizz on the left side). Also there are white hard spots on the back ofmy throat where my toncils were, they look like the stones but i can't scratch them off or poke them out. I'm seeing a doctor soon, but being as they've helped so little in the past I was hoping someone had some suggestions. I'm 21, around smoke a bit, not overweight, high stress level living in the north east, fairly heathly diet, any help i would greatly apreciate, thanks!
Nomad004 last decade
I must say WOW. I wondered for YEARS what this smallish pea sized cauliflower dog poop smelling things were. I remember when I was reeeally little (5 or 6) thinkning my brain was falling out piece by piece. Quite funny when I think back on it. LOL. In the recent years (I am 24 now), I just figured they were old food stuck in my throat. I had NO IDEA they were coming from my tonsil pits. Needless to say, yuck. I am als strangely relieved to know that I am not the only person to crush and smell these strange foreign objects I coughed up. And now that I know how to poke um out of my throat I do every chance I get. I can't stand the thought that there is a ball of rotting crud right there in my mouth and it makes me EXTREMELY self concious about my breathe. I sucessfully grossed out my guy when I asked him if he got them and then proceeded to educate him on what they are and then how to remove the little suckers. LOL. Anywho, thanks all who posted, researched and were as equally curious as I am to find out what is happening with our bodies. :) Good luck fellow stink ball pickers. Happy picking!!
hoaclf last decade
Nomad, so sorry you had such a bad time with the tonisellectomy. See, that is why it doesn't work for everyone and why this is a homeopathic page, because there are people like you that suffer tremendously w/the surgery and may have benefited from trying some more home cures...I don't know. I personally would go to an ENT and if the one you went to for the surgery isn't helping you,than go to a different one. There is no reason why you should be suffering this way.

I am almost twice your age and recently had a tonsillectomy and it was quite easy for me. It is so up in the air as to who does well with this surgery and who doesn't. Some people think they wish they would've died and some people breezed right thru it. But if you've had one and you are still not feeling better (you didn't say how long ago)and you are not satisfied...go back! Make them make it right, or give you a reason why it's not.

And Hoaclf...good for you that you can get them out. I think that is a big factor in some people going for a more radical approach. I know I couldn't get mine out as hard as I tried. So, that was that. After about 6 months, I was 'sick and tired' of trying. Literally.

As much as I have said that my surgery went well, I am going to say, that on the predominant side that the stones were on, I still feel something a little odd (DR said it was scar tissue)and it is directly affecting my left ear as well. I will be going back to the ENT to question this. It's not extremely bothersome (much better than the stones were), but just wondering why my left ear and the left side of my throat is still a little odd feeling after almost one month.

Sorry so long.
ASIgirl last decade
ASIgirl, I wonder if they need to do a tympanectomy on your ear to let out the fluid. I've noticed that it seems I'm carrying more fluid in my ears from time to time with the tonsillitis. Even today, I was talking to someone and I felt like I was talking through a tube- it was really odd.

I'm not sure why this happens, but I received a little packet on it after I went for a 2nd opinion on the TnA.
SkeerdofaTnA last decade
OK, I have been lurking here for a while and this is my first post. Here is my 2 cents and I think it is worth reading. That being said, I am not a doctor and what has worked for me may not work for you.

These disgusting balls of ass puke have been plaguing me for about 10 yrs. They have never been out of hand, but certainly annoying. What I can confirm in my case is that it is health related. When I am really on top of oral hygene(Listerine, brushing after every meal, flossing everyday, tongue scraping) and building my immune system, it makes a huge difference. But don't expect it to happen in just a couple days, stick with it. Now, someone esle on here mentioned honey. Ladies and gentlemaen, this is a BIG secret. But I'm not talking about the regular processed crap, you need the raw stuff straight from the beehive. Go to Whole Foods or a health store and get 'Really Raw Honey' or 'honey in the rough'. If not, make sure it is 100% raw and unheated because cooked honey kills a lot of the beneficial aspects of it. About 15-20 min. after I eat a meal and brush, listerine and tongue scrape, I eat a teaspoon of the honey and let it slowly coat my throat, sort of as if you are gargling it. Do this 2-3x a day for 1-2 weeks and tell me what you experience. Not only that, but raw honey is a MAJOR immune builder which is the root of this problem.

Also, I do have pretty severe post nasal drip and since using saline it has curbed it substantially- you must get a handle on the post nasal drip if you have it!! Honey builds the immune system and will also aid greatly on relieving post-nasal drip. If you have these white balls of death you can be pretty sure it is a result of a weakened immune system- it is the body's way of telling you something is off plain and simple.

Don't underestimate this, I have reduced them to a vey rare event and when they do appear, I can ALWAYS point my finger to some sort of abuse I've commited on myself, like lack of sleep, not brushing, eating poorly, and especially not taking the honey.

I hear many people saying that they just want to be done with them and get the tonsils out. I fully understand that, but don't be so quick to tune out what your body is telling you. Again, this is not the end all solution for everyone, but I'd be surprised if you put these into your daily regimen and didn't get rewarding results. And so what if it takes up more of your time and effort? You are improving your immune system. We are all toxic to some degree from eating cooked food/bad food/fried food and toxins in water, air, etc. It is our responsibility not to eat poorly and to take care of ourselves, and you will feel so much better for it all around. This is not just about getting rid of the puke balls, it's about a commitment to better, natural health and the road to that is no doubt an organic one. Be patient and try this!
assmouth last decade
i too had this on my tonsils had hole in them with the white stones i used to use a very long q tip and gargle
but i had to have my tonsils out they infected was so bad i died on the operating table it took a year to recover
alangail1 last decade
Hi. I have had these white things in my throat near my throat for atleast 10 years. I got them when I was very young and even remember showing my doctor. I told him I thought it was food stuck in these holes and he said I was right. I have had them ever since. They are kind of annoying, but I would never take my tonsils out for this reason. Everyone seems to think this is a big deal; I would be worried too if it just started happening, but its no big deal. They occur very often for me, probably a few times a month. I just grab them out with my tongue or they eventually fall out while I am eating. Just letting anyone who is worried know that this is not a big deal. Yes, they smell, but no big deal.
hellogoodbye last decade
one more thing I want to add is that these things are not painful at all so I dont really see the point in getting tonsils out. I don't like getting surgery done on my mouth or surgery done period, so if you are debating getting your tonsils out for this reason I would say no. I am not a doctor, but just from living with this for 10 years, I do not find it harmful or painful in any way.
hellogoodbye last decade
Well, i think you are lucky that you did not find the painfull, i found my problem to be quite painfull. Aparently these little bumps caused swelling and inflamation all around some sensitive nerve endings and for months the entire side of my face and neck was in pain. Nothing could really get the infection to leave so i decided to get my toncils out, which was also awful but now that everything is finally healing up things are getting much better.
Nomad004 last decade
I just have to say something, to express my frustration. If tonsil stones do not affect you negatively, excellent. This does not give anyone the right to post here, and state that tonsil stones are 'no big deal' in respect to a personal experience with tonsil stones. Clearly, if one reads through the hundreds of posts depicting the many problems they have caused others, then one personal situation is not comparable. Stating that tonsil stones are not bothersome is an understatement and serves to ridicule others who spend their time finding solutions to THEIR bothersome problems.
Please, if you are going to post in this forum, spend time looking at previous posts to gain context.
katherine1 last decade
For about a year now I've been getting these strange white bumps on my tongue. At first they looked like 'lie bumps'. Then, where the bump was, the tongue is split from top to bottom. It is excruciatingly painful, even bleeds sometimes. Sometimes I can barely eat. It's like having a horrible toothache. Acidic foods especially irritate them. I get them very often, several at a time.

My husband and I are traveling evangelists. When we're 'home' we stay with my husband's grandmother. Her water has lots of sulphur in it. So much that you can smell and taste it. After drinking a glass or two of her water those bumps/splits heal up. I was wondering if sulphur/sulpha drugs would help me if I take them every day and where I could purchase some.

-Rev. Trudy L. Miller
ladyprophettlm last decade
Sorry for people who are upset with what I wrote. I was just trying to help, stating my experience with them. I am just trying to tell people who just got them and DO NOT have pain that they shouldn't freak out and get tonsils out right away. Yours might be painful, but mine aren't.
hellogoodbye last decade

i don't think the problem you have described is tonsil stones. tonsil stones are little masses that come out of holes in your tonsils (called crypts). they are sort of spongy-feeling, yellow/white-ish in color, and they smell horribly when you break them apart.

i'm not too sure what your condition is, but i would suggest seeing a doctor for it. i wouldn't recommend that anyone start taking drugs for something without consulting a medical professional first.
kmoeller last decade

Both my GP and my ENT have the same opinion as you. They seem to think of the tonsil stones as more of a nuisance than an actual medical problem.

It seems that the people who experience constant bad breath, sore throats and/or the feeling of something constantly stuck in their throat are the ones most adversely affected by the stones and the most likely to have their tonsils removed. If you don't experience any of those problems, I can certainly see why you see the surgery as not appropriate for you.

Thank you for explaining your previous post.
BettyCV last decade
kmoeller, I know what the stones are. They are sinky and gross. I had them for YEARS. I had my tonsils removed 9 years ago when I was 17.

I hope someone will have an answer for me one day. I woke uo with two more this morning. The other two bled during the night.
ladyprophettlm last decade
LADYPROPETTIN I think i know exactly what you have, its called thrush most commonly, happens to babies quite often, basicly its a fungal infection in the back of your throat, looks like big wads of white in the back of your throat and tounge that bleed when you poke at them, i would advise seeing your doctor, also gargeling with half hydrogen peroxide and half water solution might help. It happens if your immune system is very compromised for some reason, and I don't want to alarm you but its common in people with advanced HIV disease. The same thing happend to me so I got tested just in case. good luck!
Nomad004 last decade
Sorry for my English.

Hi, I was drinking some club soda ( by the way , if you have sore leg at night drink a glass of club soda and it help a lot, just before bed do) I notice that the club soda was making my tonsil stone shrink. Then I look at the ingredient, and I realize that sodium bicarbonate was in there. Then I bough some baking soda and put a tee spoon of it in a glass of water then I wash my mouth 1 or 2 time a day (do not drink it, it very unhealthy. It been a month and I have some big improvement , I got some tonsil stone in my right tonsil that are big and stuck, I try a lot of thing for an year and a half to get them out, now they are slowly dissolving them self. I am still in testing mode. Important, do not drink sodium bicarbonate just wash your mouth.
sylvain last decade
NOMAD004, It's not in my throat, only on the edge of my tongue like where my tongue touches my teeth. The bumps are white not my tongue or my throat. I know what thrush is. It is quite painful I've heard. Thanks for your input though.
ladyprophettlm last decade
the only thing i can think of is to bump up our emmune systems and do a body detox
alangail1 last decade

The only thing that crosses my mind is canker sores. I get them from time to time, especially if I bite my tounge or something.

??? Go to doctor.
ASIgirl last decade
Does anyone who suffers from tonsil stones also suffer from chronic throat clearing? I have the tonsil stones and I have a suspicion that these tonsil stones are contributing to my throat clearing problem? My tonsil stones are never visible. I think they may be farther down in my throat. Anyone else?
plantinga last decade

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