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Holy crap, I love Google. I just found this site..

I've had these "stones" for as long as I can remember, which is a good part of 21 years.

Is there actually a name for this condition? I've seen variations on this site, and WebMD isn't giving me anything. I need to know what to call it the next time I go to my ENT..

Much thanks!
ashleyjane last decade
Well the correct name for the "stones" is "Tonsilloliths"
Tonsill comes from Tonsill..
an OLITH is a stone hehehe

Monolith is one stone..
Seems like many on here have Quadoliths or better..:)

do a google search using the IMAGES option using that EXACT spelling.. to see good pictures of a tonsillolith..

the search will pull up all kinds of links on the subject too

tonsil "stones" are a slang..
nomostinkbomb last decade
Just read a thread where a guy suffered from Tonsilloliths for 14 years chronically..Went to malaysia and they dissapeared.

Came home and the reappeared..only difference in his diet..DAIRY PRODUCTS

This only confirms my suspicions.. I myself just cleaned a stone out and realized I had been eating COTTAGE CHEESE lately and some other dairy products.

The more I research and experience myself on these stones the more im convinced that eating DAIRY, DRINKING milk, Eating Yogurts and Cheeses ( i suppose) may speed up the process. Though not sure about cheeses.

For you chronic stoners out there, I would STOP STOP STOP the dairy for a few weeks clean out your tonsils and see if they slow down and or completely go away.. I BET THEY WILL..

Granted some stones will probably still form for other reasons (food debris, those of you with larger crypts) but I bet even these people will reduce Dramatically the stone accurance by stopping DAIRY.

For those of you who are chronic come back here after stopping DAIRY and share please.. Im pretty convinced right now but more feedback would be great.
nomostinkbomb last decade
I had a problem with tonsilloliths for about 15 years. In my late 20's it suddenly got much worse - daily - and it DID give me bad breath.

Anyway - to make a long story short, I cut dairy products out of my diet a year ago, and since then they stopped completely.

It occured to me to try this after I spent a month in Malaysia and experienced no tonsil problems, but they returned when I came back home. After racking my brains for what I had been doing differently there, the lack of dairy was one of the things I came up with, so I tried cutting it out and it worked. I also realized that the problem had escalated after I started eating low-fat yogurt every day.

This might not be the cure for everyone, but try it, even just for a month and see what happens. I cannot express the joy I felt when I realized I had finally cracked this disgusting problem. Putting soy milk in my coffee is a small price to pay.
nomostinkbomb last decade
Hey if anyone would like to visit my website and answer my tonsil stone survey (10 questions, and I don't ask for name or email or any of that) that would be great! This forum (I'm a lurker) has given me tons of ways to get rid of the little nasty things but still left me with unanswered questions.

The survey is on my profile! Thanks guys!
dcleblond last decade
I 've been in USA for 7 years now. I just have had this problem in the past few years. I moved here from Bangkok, Thailand...so just a thought for theory...of where u are might make a different..like a guy mention before...

for a thought in a dairy product...i'm a lactose intolerance so no milk or yogurt....but do consume lots of carb...(ex. rice, bread...). i think there are many things that cause this to grow in your mouth...just wonder why not much doctor can really explain it.
mkk78 last decade
WOW...ok...minimal dairy here. Positive it's bacteria caught from going to the orthadontist.

I will rinse my mouth with the Citrus Listerine, but for the tonsils... I'm sticking with rinsing and gargling with vinegar or alcohol...something that will cause me no harm when I swallow it.

What I'm wondering is where the sulfer comes in??? If these stones are mostly bacteria and sulfer...where does the sulfer come from? Do we have extra in our bodies? Or is this what causes the fatigue not having enough and needing it to kill the bacteria?

Anyone else? When ever I don't get enough sleep or work too hard...tonsil stone production in my throat increases... Same for you?
justmebyanyname last decade
I have had these things for years. Any of you also get SICK sometimes; sore throat, sore glands, feeling crummy? Maybe my tonsils are ready to be removed?
jana320 last decade
If you read my above MANY posts ehehhe you will see that the stones are comprised mostly of Calcium Phosphate..

The sulfer smell is really from BACTERIA feeding on the food and debris that get caught up in the crypts (holes) of your tonsils.
Your tongue creates the sulfer smell as well, every single day, in fact the back of the tongue (which ironically is very near the tonsils) is KNOWN for the location of bad breath and sulferlike compounds.

There are several foods IMHO that contribute to the rapid and constant appearance of the stones.. Milk/dairy/starchy foods/potatos/rice/pastas/peanuts all tend to get trapped in there QUITE easily.

Also if you have underyling issues causing your tonsils to SWELL this only aggrivates the production because the CRYPTS also enlargen with the tonsils.

So large tonsils and the cause of them, needs to be addressed too, NOT just the diet.

Cleaning them with Listerine, water jets, however you doit, getting the stones out ASAP will only help the body..

Keeping food out period of that area is good. Being senstive to when you feel food trapped in there and not letting it fester and build..

these are the keys imho
nomostinkbomb last decade
long lasting thread eh :)

duh, my tonsils still feel heavy and i get tired rather easily but i don't have any visible tonsil stones.

was that one, a month or so back, just a single episode in years? hmmm. it's like a comet
japan last decade
Hey, I'm new to the site here, and like most of you were so interested to see an entire forum on this topic! I only get them occasionally, so don't have a chronic problem but have one at the moment that has somehow dislodged itself and traveled up above my tonsils into my nasal passages. You know that little flap that separates your nasal passage from your mouth?...well, that's exactly where this stupid tonsillolith thing is stuck!!!! I've snarfed and snarled and sucked air, blew my nose, etc. to try to get this thing out...it's awful! Does anyone *please* have any suggestions to getting this thing out? What about an OTC nasal spray of some kind? It slowly works it's way down sometimes and feels like it's choking me, but won't come out. HELP!!!! :-)
2speedswife last decade
Hi All-
I've had these nasty buggers, off and on, all my life (32). They have recently returned in a bad way. I just found out that I have a problem with my thyroid and possibly have autoimmune thyroiditis(where the immune system attacks the thyroid glands). So for me, I think there's something to the theory that my body is attacking itself. I also get a couple of sinus infections each year and I have post nasal drip. I noticed that when I am stuffy, I sleep with my mouth open so I can breath. So I have that in common with some of you as well.
Albert22- Just thought I'd chime in on the contagious theory... My husband found a white spot on the back of his throat today. He's never had them before. I wil feel really bad if I've passed it to him and he ends up getting his tonsils out...
My mom and sister has a problem with white spots too, along with pretty bad allergies..
I'm going to see my Dr. within the next week. I'm tired of the bad breath, sore throat, scratchy, itchy feeling, etc. I'm now leaning towards a tonsillectomy.
tiredofstinkbreath last decade
I dont think he caught them from you, but I bet you BOTH eat the same foods, and I bet you both eat DAIRY, in the form of MILK, cottege cheese, cheeses, yogurt etc..

And its possible he has had them before but never knew it.. Most people get them and they dislodge and are swallowed before they are even noticed.

These bacteria balls collect in healthy people as well since they are formed by food particles and often the people that have enlarged TONSILS get them and get them bad..

Need to reduce your tonsil size and keep them clean.. keep the dairy down.. and stay away from starchy foods..
nomostinkbomb last decade
Gross, ick, eeeww!!!! I was looking at my tonsils with the help of a flashlight. I gently pulled back my cheek and my finger lightly touched the upper part of my left tonsil. When I did, a large, 2cm tonsillolith easily popped out of my tonsil. I am completely disgusted! I am saving it in a ziplock bag to give to my Dr. so he can test it.
tiredofstinkbreath last decade
I think we're at risk of heading up the wrong path here... To say that the stones consist of food particles, period, would be totally incorrect. Dairy and/or post nasal drip has got very little, or next to nothing to do with them.

The stones form in the crypts of tonsils that have no "route to the outside world". The massive stone removed from the patient in the Spanish Medical report shows there was no outside route for the food to get into the tonsil - SO HOW DID IT GROW? Food particles in the stones are because the entrances to the crypts have got bigger. That helps particles get in - but they are't the cause!
albert22 last decade
But it is a main offender.. the stones pathology, mainly consist of rotting food, white cells, bacteria, calcium, phospates, sulfer compounds, salivia.

The food itself does not necessarily have to make it there, but the BACTERIA from the food, enzymes, etc etc.. can easily travel into the Crypts from the tongue, then into the tonsil canal.

Also lets not forget the Eustation Tubes (drain the ears) are connected to the Tonsil Canal (where the tonsils sit) I for one think they are related as contributers to the bacteria and infections growing in and around the tonsils.. This is your "route to the world" Not to mention the sinuses also drain into this canal which is 2 Routes to the world above and around the tonsils.

I think the idea that this is a form of rapidly growing NANO Bacteria/ Plaque needs some SERIOUS discussion and investigation.. As I stated in other posts they are finding these hard shelled Calcium Shelled Nano Bac as one of the MAJOR components of PLAQUE of the heart, or coronary heart disease.

The reason I think this is because the calcium component of the stones and also the phospates..
nomostinkbomb last decade
Jana320 you ask if anyone has tonsil stones and feels SICK. I would answer a resounding YES!! I posted a while back about the problems I have been having since early this year. I have been sick since then with sore throat that simply won't go away. The throat pain has been accompanied by bad tastes, tonsil stones, cough, abdominal pain, malaise, chills/sweats, headaches. I have seen two ENTs and both have diagnosed me with chronic tonsillitis. My tonsils have a chronic infection. I have been on three months worth of antibiotics. The ENTs have put me on a 875mg one-a-day of amoxicillin until I can have a tonsillectomy. It is meant to keep me from having flair-ups and feeling completely awful. It has been the most helpful antibiotic so far.

I have my tonsillectomy scheduled for Oct 26 at a VA hospital (this started while I was in the military). I have been preparing myself as best I can and stocking up on the essentials-popsicles, ice cream, jello, soup : )

Anyone here ever heard of anyone getting tonsils and wisdom teeth out around the same time? I have to get my wisdom teeth out a month after my tonsils are taken out. I sure it won't be much fun.
airforcegirl last decade
Hi Sonya,
I think your husband has "tonsiloths." Many people have them. They are accumulations of dead cells and bacteria. Try salt water gargling. Antibiotics will not help very much. Also, there is no such bacteria as "streptococcus aureus" as someone else wrote. There is staphylococcus aureus and streptococcal infections (including strep A). Common sense doc doesn't know what he is talking about.
laurenmd54 last decade
It is NOT streptococcus aureus...there is no such such bacterium. There is group A streptococcus (strep throat) and staphylococcus aureus but no strep aureus. The bumps you described sound like tonsiloths and are normal. They are composed of dead skin cells and normal bacteria that reside in your mouth all the time. Antibiotics won't help but salt water gargling will! Hope this helps your husband. Google "tonsiloths" for more info.
laurenmd54 last decade
Airforce Girl:

Best of luck to you on October 26. You sound just like me. I am always sick with a sore throat! I go to the doctor on Friday and if getting a tonsillectomy will help me to feel better, I guess that is what I will do.

Good luck to you!!!!

jana320 last decade
Boy, this thread is going right into my bookmarks.

I have had this problem for quite a few years now, to the point the when I see them I can pop them out with barely any effort anymore. I've been to many doctors and dentists (and by many I mean MANY) but it seems medical schools in Taiwan don't teach this kind of stuff. Mostly they tell me it's nothing to worry about, which is easy for them to say, as it's not THEM squeezing yucky pieces of stink out of their throats, and constantly being worried about bad breath.

I think I'll be printing out some of this info, and see if they can figure something out. I've never heard of doctors performing tonsillectomies here in Taiwan (I don't even think there's a Chinese word for it), so I think I'm gonna have to look around.
jayliu last decade
For those who are considering tonsillectomy, you might be glad to know that there are many different kinds of procedures now that will not cause weeks of pain and bleeding. From ENTNET:

Cold knife (steel) dissection: Removal of the tonsils by use of a scalpel is the most common method practiced by otolaryngologists today. The procedure requires the young patient to undergo general anesthesia; the tonsils are completely removed with minimal post-operative bleeding.

Electrocautery: Electrocautery burns the tonsillar tissue and assists in reducing blood loss through cauterization. Research has shown that the heat of electrocautery (400 degrees Celsius) results in thermal injury to surrounding tissue. This may result in more discomfort during the postoperative period.

Harmonic scalpel: This medical device uses ultrasonic energy to vibrate its blade at 55,000 cycles per second. Invisible to the naked eye, the vibration transfers energy to the tissue, providing simultaneous cutting and coagulation. The temperature of the surrounding tissue reaches 80 degrees Celsius. Proponents of this procedure assert that the end result is precise cutting with minimal thermal damage.

Radiofrequency ablation: Monopolar radiofrequency thermal ablation transfers radiofrequency energy to the tonsil tissue through probes inserted in the tonsil. The procedure can be performed in an office setting under light sedation or local anesthesia. After the treatment is performed, scarring occurs within the tonsil causing it to decrease in size over a period of several weeks. The treatment can be performed several times. The advantages of this technique are minimal discomfort, ease of operations, and immediate return to work or school. Tonsillar tissue remains after the procedure but is less prominent. This procedure is recommended for treating enlarged tonsils and not chronic or recurrent tonsillitis.

Carbon dioxide laser: Laser tonsil ablation (LTA) finds the otolaryngologist employing a hand-held CO2 or KTP laser to vaporize and remove tonsil tissue. This technique reduces tonsil volume and eliminates recesses in the tonsils that collect chronic and recurrent infections. This procedure is recommended for chronic recurrent tonsillitis, chronic sore throats, severe halitosis, or airway obstruction caused by enlarged tonsils.
The LTA is performed in 15 to 20 minutes in an office setting under local anesthesia. The patient leaves the office with minimal discomfort and returns to school or work the next day. Post-tonsillectomy bleeding may occur in two to five percent of patients. Previous research studies state that laser technology provides significantly less pain during the post-operative recovery of children, resulting in less sleep disturbance, decreased morbidity, and less need for medications. On the other hand, some believe that children are adverse to outpatient procedures without sedation.

Microdebrider: What is a ¡§microdebrider?¡¨ The microdebrider is a powered rotary shaving device with continuous suction often used during sinus surgery. It is made up of a cannula or tube, connected to a hand piece, which in turn is connected to a motor with foot control and a suction device.
The endoscopic microdebrider is used in performing a partial tonsillectomy, by partially shaving the tonsils. This procedure entails eliminating the obstructive portion of the tonsil while preserving the tonsillar capsule. A natural biologic dressing is left in place over the pharyngeal muscles, preventing injury, inflammation, and infection. The procedure results in less post-operative pain, a more rapid recovery, and perhaps fewer delayed complications. However, the partial tonsillectomy is suggested for enlarged tonsils ¡V not those that incur repeated infections.

Bipolar Radiofrequency Ablation (Coblation): This procedure produces an ionized saline layer that disrupts molecular bonds without using heat. As the energy is transferred to the tissue, ionic dissociation occurs. This mechanism can be used to remove all or only part of the tonsil. It is done under general anesthesia in the operating room and can be used for enlarged tonsils and chronic or recurrent infections. This causes removal of tissue with a thermal effect of 45-85 C¢X. The advantages of this technique are less pain, faster healing, and less post operative care.
jayliu last decade
ive suffered with tonsil stones for 13 years, im 26 now. let me assure u these little mongrels have impacted my life in a negative way. only up until 2 months ago i had no idea what they were, or why i had them, and the rotton smell, i felt disgusting and unlovable. i went on antibiotics for these critters and it seemed to work until they came back as soon as i finished my course and i was devastated, i felt so frustrated and doomed forever!! i googled it and came across tonsiloliths. i thought i was the only one who had this.
i used to get itchy tonsils, itchy ear, and sore throat they would swell and i 'knew it was time' to extract the devils. my taste was dull and metallicky. i push with my little finger and out they pop. gross..
im learning now that im allergic to airconditioning at work, dairy foods and cheese is terrible for it.
aparantly its anerobic bacteria(lives without oxygen) that break down proteins in foods we eat and feeds off our saliva, or lack thereof.
thus producing sulfur compunds that stink!!!
hope that ive helped some of u.soldier on fighters!!
peperonimum last decade
its me again, in my first post i need to clarify im still suffering with these stink bombs!!
i dont use listerine coz its alcohol based that dries out the saliva and helps the anaerobic bacteria to breed more. i tend to get dry mouth from stress and the anxiety that my breath stinks so its a catch 22.
i brush my tongue from the back as much as possible, gently, to get rid of the anerobic bateria that live there.swallowing pushes the bacteria to settle in the tonsils.
so im looking for oxygenating products or toothpastes to equalize the balance of good bacteria. best wishes
peperonimum last decade
I thought this might be helpful for some here. I found it at doctorhoffman dot com.

"You may have "recurrent acute tonsillitis," in which you have frequent bouts of tonsillitis, but are well between bouts. Or, you may have "chronic tonsillitis," in which your tonsils are always painful. Some unfortunate folks actually have both problems; their tonsils are always bothersome, but are at times acutely worse. The treatment options for these problems are essentially the same:

– Do nothing. Just live with it.

– Treat each acute exacerbation with a short course of antibiotics (7 to 10 days.)

– Try to "clear it up" with a longer course of antibiotics (20 to 30 days.)

– Try to prevent exacerbations by taking a low dose of antibiotics on a daily basis (this is known as "prophylaxis.")

– Tonsillectomy."

I am one of the "unfortunate folks" who has chronic tonsillitis that is at times acutely worse. I have tried everything Dr. Hoffman suggests except tonsillectomy which is coming up soon. I know it will hurt but I can't wait to feel better!
airforcegirl last decade
I went to my doctor today and she said these are tonsilloliths. Generically known as tonsil stones. She is sending me to an ENT. I always have sore throats so I honestly dont care if I have my tonsils removed or not but what I have read on it is that a tonsilectomy may not cure us of these stinky little buggers. They are so foul!!! And a low dose of antibiotics is not always helpful...long or short term. In many cases it doesn't help at all from what I have read all morning online studies.

When she told me what it is and after months/years of searching on the web for what it might be with no good result I wanted to hug this woman. I came home and I found everything I needed or ever wanted to know about them online LOL.... Amazing...and its exactly what I am dealing with. I am just glad to know what they are now ....TONSILLOLITHS (tonsil stones)...type it in on Google you will be amazed!!!

Im sure others have said this also but I am just so happy that I had to post what I have found. Or add my 2 cents worth :)
ENTbound last decade

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