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Justme and gang,

You always give such good advice and raise such interesting questions. I just wanted to say thank you for that!

As far as the PH balance goes, I suppose at various times during the day the PH in your mouth could vary, but your overall acid-base balance should always be fine as it's an easy process for your body. The only difference in your body between a molecule being an acid or a base is a simple hydrogen atom. To keep your blood chemistry balanced your body exchanges hydrogen atoms constantly during the day. Your kidneys also control your acid-base balance too. Anyway, do you really want to go through life afraid to eat this or that just because you think it might make you develop tonsil stones? That is WAY too much work when you can just have your tonsils out (well most people at least) and be done with it.

I've had these for 30 years and trust me, there's very little rhyme or reason to why they form, try as I may to find some. I applaud you for trying to make these connections, but it seems to me it could drive a person a bit crazy trying to figure out if they can eat this or that based on body chemistry.

I had my tonsils out years ago, but I do have a place deep in my throat where they seem to form occasionally (not often thank God.) It is definitely the same thing as a tonsil stone, so gross. I've noticed it's when I eat nuts or something hard like corn chips that the problem usually starts. For me at least I think it starts with a food particle that gets stuck in my throat. It's more the structure of my tongue (huge at back) and throat, (tends to constrict when I eat a food I'm sensitive to,) that makes the difference for me. Maybe someone else can relate to that. Chocolate or caffeine can constrict my throat and give me horrible breath from an allergic reaction. (That's the only time I get post-nasal drip and I only know it from the smell, not anything I notice in my throat.)

About the dairy, I eat dairy all the time and don't have an ounce of mucous from it. My sinuses are completely clear, tongue pink and clear, no post nasal drip, etc, but still get the stones when they darn well please.

About whether we "excrete" anything from the tonsils, not as far as I've ever heard. The sulphur in your mouth isn't like the yellow powder solid form, it's just sulphur gases the bacteria in your mouth produce. It can be from the food caught around your teeth, in the tonsil crypts, at the back of the tongue, etc.

Just me, weren't you the one who mentioned giving up nuts and chocolate (many pages ago)? That has helped me too.
whatastoner last decade

I feel for you. It sounds like you have one of the worst cases ever. It must be just awful. I'd get a tonsillectomy done in a second if I were you.

I had mine out years ago but suspect I may have partically regrown one that's receded in my throat. (Way back on page 6 or 7 someone mentioned seriously receded tonsils.)I have an appointment with an ENT this week and if I need to get another tonsil out, I will in a minute. Before this forum I didn't even KNOW it could be a tonsil problem. BUt since food gets caught in the same exact place everytime, it has to be something like a tonsil or adenoid, or maybe even just a weird flap of skin.

Have you made your ENT appt. yet to get those buggers out? GOOD LUCK to you when you do, and please keep us posted.
whatastoner last decade
I used to read this board all of the time when I was suffering from chronic cryptic tonsillitis. I bought the water pick to get crud out of my tonsils, and had developed various methods to try to clean out my tonsils, which were always filled with junk. Worse of all, I felt absolutely terrible all of the time. I got my tonsils removed at the end of January and don't regret it for a minute. I had 10 days post op that were painful, but I had pain medication which helped a great deal. I had no post op bleeding and no infection. The ENT told me that most people who have bleeding post op are ones who fail to drink enough water to keep their scabs soft, so the scabs pull off early leading to bleeding. I would tell anyone who is suffering 24/7 to get the *()*& tonsils removed. My anxiety and worry about the surgery itself was much worse than the reality of the surgery. Good luck to all.
jana320 last decade
Hello everyone. I read this entire thread and can I just say, WOW! I had my ENT appointment today. I am getting my tonsills removed. I was wondering if the tonsillectomy permanently cured everyones bad breath. My tonsills are huge with big holes in them where I can no longer reach the stones anymore even with a syringe. I have a bad taste in the back of my throat all the time. I also have a very large tongue with large taste buds. Do any of you have these features as well. I haven't read any updates on the surgerys. I hope it is due to everyone enjoying their new fresh breath and no longer have time in their social life to post on a message board. ;) I have been waiting to hear of Sara's update. I read that whatastoner, you still have post nasal drip that causes bad breath? Is that true? The tonsillectomy didn't cure that? Do you have a large tongue? Did any of you that regained your mouth saliva after a tonsillectomy have large tongues that sit on the roof of your mouths that rob it of o2 and saliva like mine? I hope to hear from anyone with their replies. Thanks for listening to my ramble.
By the way, I am very scared and any words of encouragement would be appreciated. Thank you again.
anticipation last decade

I only get post-nasal drip when eating something i react to, like chocolate or caffeine. (i know the chocolate has caffeine.) And even then I only know it by the smell, not any drainage per se. I'm not even sure I'd know what post-nasal drip was like or if I had it.

I'd be thrilled to get my tonsils out if i were you. Nothing to be afraid of really. Once those nasty things are out you have fresh breath to look forward to and no more nasty infection in your throat! NO doubt that is contributing to making you feel lousy.

Yes i have a big tongue but not as big as yours i don't think. I might try the Therabreath products for bad breath that is caused by anaerobic bacterial build-up. If getting your tonsils out doesn't completely help you with breath problems you might try something like Therabreath too, to completely address everything that was a contributing factor.

I tried ProFresh before but I don't recommend it. It didn't work for me. It was like gargling with bleach. People acted like my breath was WORSE not better.

Something "nomostinkbombs" might find interesting... when i have food (a stone) caught deep in my throat, my ear always hurts like crazy.

Just me,

I am trying gargling with Ebsom salts, but i'm not sure how aggressive i should be with it right now, as i have something caught, but want it to be there when i visit the ENT, (my appt got changed to next Wed.) Although my ear and throat hurt, i want the ENT to SEE what i'm talking about, or else he may well send me home saying there is nothing wrong! It is like the perverbial sound your car stops making as soon as you take it to the mechanic!
whatastoner last decade

if you have post nasal drip, and get your tonsils out, you will still have bad breath. all that getting your tonsils out will do is get rid of the stones, which in all honesty don't cause that bad of an scent in the mouth as long as they don't get broken up.

I think that the best thing to do is see both an ENT and an allergy doctor...if your stones are bad then get your tonsils out, but you'll also need to treat your allergies.

if you want to try some quick fixes to helping your post nasal drip now i'd suggest taking an over the counter non-drowsy allergy medication, AND also trying an antiallery nasal spray...the nasal sprays are the best way to stop post nasal drip because it puts the medicine directly into the area that's causing you problems...also, the nasal sprays don't work right away, they can take up to a couple of weeks to work really well, so if you start one and it doesn't seem to work, give it more time.
cece27 last decade
Hi throat buddies!

I joined just so I could be a part of this tonsil thread. :) I've had large tonsils for most of my life, but just in the past couple years have started noticing the nasty white chunks and holes in them. I get chunks every week or two on a fairly regular basis. I've started poking at my tonsils to get them out.

I had an ENT appointment today and he did not recommend removing the tonsils, and basically the best he could do was offer me steroids and antibiotics (I turned down both) and suggest gargling with salt water. I already gargle with Listerine daily. I don't have a lot of throat pain (only if I poke too hard.) I don't have really bad breath during the day or anything.

Today I bought a water pik. At first it didn't seem to be working and I was spraying water everywhere. However, when I got back there with the water, I could smell/taste the disgusting chunk smell (like bad morning breath, times 100.) Then, when I got behind the flaps that go over the sides of the tonsils, HUGE ungodly chunks came out. I wanted to vomit but it was fascinating at the same time. They must have been in there forever because they weren't even white, they were like greenish yellow and one was just frickin huge.

I just wanted to share my experience. The water pik did a better job than I do with just poking and picking. I do sort of want to get the tonsils removed altogether, but I don't want to miss 2 weeks of work and have all the pain.
jen7981 last decade
Hey gang,

This whole balancing pH idea is complicated. I'm still looking into it, but in a nutshell the way one food reacts to one person may be different for another. This seems to have to do with the other minerals that are in your body already. So, for one person drinking OJ or eating oranges may lower the acid level and for other people it may raise it. This could explain our earlier debate on why drinking OJ would help some with tonsil stone reduction and not others. This is one of the many reasons I think this may be the key.

This could also explain why reducing dairy and nuts for some people would reduce stones. That might lower the pH of some people enough, but not lower the pH of other people.

From what I've read it takes a lot longer to change your saliva pH than it does to change your urine pH. But maybe the easiest way I've read about is the pickling lime you get from the grocery store in the canning isle. You put a tablespoon into a gallon of distilled water. You drink a small amount of this each day (a few tablespoons over the day). Something else I read makes me think each day you want just a pinch of epsom salts too. But this seems to be a complicated thing, and what works for one may not be the solution for all. I'd advice you to research for yourself before trying this, but it looks like the easy way out to me. I'm hoping someone tries it and reports back.

I'm reading another forum that has oodles of information on this topic. There is a lot of information out there on this topic, and a lot of mis-information out there too. I've found found acid/alkaline balancing food lists all over the web that contradict themselves.

Just as a small recap ... Here's what I believe about tonsil stones ... They are caused by Actinomyces (a bacterium) which means we have a low grade infection causing post nasal drip (and meaning that the stones are not cause by the PND - it's the other way around).

I'm reposting this info because I think it's key...

Also from the fda.gov site

To Survive and Reproduce, Bacteria Need:
*Nutrients - Bacteria need many of the same nutrients as humans in order to thrive, such as glucose, amino acids, and some vitamins and minerals. For example, bacteria grow rapidly in high-protein foods, such as meat, poultry, eggs, dairy, and seafood.
*Moisture - Most bacteria thrive in moist environments. Dry foods, such as sugar, flour, dry cereal, rice, cookies, and biscuits do not have enough moisture to allow bacteria to grow. On the other hand, if dry foods become contaminated from infected hands or equipment, for example, bacteria can survive on the food and make people ill, but they can't grow or multiply until the food is eaten.
*pH - Most bacteria will not grow at pH levels below 4.6. Microorganisms thrive in a pH range above 4.6. That's why acidic foods like vinegar and fresh fruits (especially citrus) seldom provide a favorable climate for pathogenic bacteria. (Also see pH.)
*Temperature - Bacteria can multiply at temperatures between about 33.34° F (1° C) and 125° F (52° C). They divide rapidly at 80° to 105° F (27° to 41° C). Proper cooking kills bacteria in food and chilling foods slows the growth of bacteria. Both methods decrease the risk of foodborne illness.
*Time - Bacteria can double their numbers within hours. They grow best at human body temperature (98.6° F, 37° C) and can divide 2 to 3 times per hour. Food that's left out at room temperature for long periods of time creates an inviting environment for bacterial growth.

The only one of those 5 things that bacteria need to grow that we can control is pH.

Good Luck All!
justmebyanyname last decade
jen 7981 you had better be for sure about getting your tonsils removed because once you do please dont let them mess up on you because they will never admit it oh by the way how old are you if you are an adult you had better not get them removed .
tonsils gone last decade
My tonsil stones hav gone =)
HELENH last decade
Hi everyone,

I've been meaning to come back and post for a while, but I've been busy with work and studies. tonsilsgone, I don't agree with your statement that if someone is an adult they better not get their tonsils removed. I think it is an individual, personal decision. Some people don't want to, and that's fine. Other people, like me, make that decision for one reason or another.

For me, it has been one of the best decisions of my life. Yes, post op is a little hard, but not nearly as bad as everyone was saying it was going to be. I honestly think that staying hydrated after the surgery will help you heal faster than you would otherwise.

I haven't had a single tonsil stone since they have come out (almost four weeks ago now)! My throat is no longer irritated and hurting all the time. I'm able to sleep better at night.

For me, my case was serious enough that getting my tonsils removed was the right choice for me. It may not be for all people.

If anyone has specific questions, I'm always happy to answer them. :)
blpsara last decade
Okay, I haven't read this whole post, but I read about the white bump stuff. I have the same thing, as does my mother. I don't know if this has already been said, but your tonils trap particles of food, which then grow bacteria on them, resulting in the growth or "white bumps in throat". It doesn't cause any problems as far as I know, and I've had them for years. You just have to try to get them out with a qtip, because they can cause sore throats. Hope this helps if it hasn't already been said.
Sally Lue last decade
What the heck is merc.viv? And did that take care of it permanently for you? and how much of what?
Thanks for the report! :) Try googling " alkaline/acid balance forum " ;) It has some great information on changing your pH.
TY and YW.
What I've been reading is really interesting about this pH. The things we kind of think of as salad items (not meat and cheese) are the ones that appear to turn alkaline in your body, and the meat, cheese, pasta and grain items - acid. But that's a generalization that isnt the same for everyone. It also depends on the minerals in your body already that they react with. According to what I've read we should be eating 80% of the alkaline foods and 20% of the acids and for most of us that's backwards. When you think about it ... if we had to hunt and gather for our own food everyday ... we'd probably all be more alkaline. NPR had a great program on the other day reviewing a book called "The Omnivours Delima" (i think that's the name but i can't find it anywhere - i probably have boo-koo typos in the title). One thing they were talking about was the fact that 10 or so ingredients in a chicken mcnugget are from corn. And even if you work really hard at reading the labels there's a lot of corn syrup out there in our food because it's so cheap. In the 80's, coca-cola switched to using corn syrup to sweeten soda. Another thing I find interesting is the fact that there are quite a few studies that show people who drink diet sodas are more overweight, and artificial sweeteners turn extremely acidic in your body...for some reason that connects in my mind. But that's way off topic! Other than to say... i think that before the 80's i don't really think that tonsil stones were all that common. And that these things along with the iodine thing are things that changed around that time. There's also more people using fewer iron skillets and more non-stick, but I havent really explored that. I keep trying to tie it all in though because the bacteria i think this is caused by has been around a long time and i think something changed in us to make it start growing like it is.

The epsom salts rinse was something Nadia recommended on the 'this for that' forum. It will temporarily change your pH to alkaline, but for a more permanent solution i think we have to change our whole body chemistry. But then again ;) I could be wrong. But, if you dont get results quick, I'd would give up on that idea. That stuff is NASTY tasting!!! I now use it for liver cleanses and other things, but I dont think just rinsing with it is going to take care of them. If it does tho... please let us know!!!!

Just more thoughts for ya. ;)
I think the tonsil stones cause the post nasal drip. Not that tonsil stones are caused by post nasal drip. But i could be wrong. ;)
:) it's wild what comes flying out of there eh? Word of warning though..Heres a problem I have had...I cleaned them out so good i thought i was finished with tonsil stones forever, but now have stones trapped inside my tonsils with no way out..the holes closed up. I'd be sure to use saltwater in your waterpik just as a little insurance! Good Luck!
Share your secret girlfriend. ;) I did read about your other symptoms you were posting and noticed they woud all fit into a low grade infection catagory. Antibiotics? By the way the iodine painting worked wonders for me with your other problem!
I'm curious about your surgery. Did you just have the pilliar tonsils removed?
Welcome Sally Lue,
Most of us are convinced that trapped food in your tonsils (which most of us have had doctors tell us too) is not really true. But we're trying to figure out what does really cause them! There is really very little research out there on this topic. Most of us have bad breath as a result of these and they effect the hearing of some and are painful for some. It's worth reading back to see where we've been!
justmebyanyname last decade
You know, it seems like so many people have it, you'd think there'd be more info available on it. This fourm has gotting so many people interested, it's obviously a vaild issue.
Sally Lue last decade
Forgive if my first post miraculously appears two hours from now.

All of this stuff is completely turning my stomach, but I'm like obsessed with the idea of these things. So, are they hard to the touch, I mean, while they're still lodged in there? I have white spots but they don't feel hard. I am hoping they are merely some weird symptom of my current illness, which is just your basic mystery throat infection, but my tonsils seemed to get it extra bad this time, and now these stupid spots show up. I've never noticed hallitosis, or been told about it (except when I had some wicked strep strain they barely knew of), but now I'm completely paranoid. People are saying they can be hidden underneath. I can remember coughing up hard little white things, but I'm pretty sure they were just pieces of peanuts that I'd been eating that day.

Any help is appreciated.
buzzcock last decade

I think you are onto something with the post-nasal drip contributing to stone formation. If you look back over the posts you'll see many people linking post-nasal drip, getting sick, and lots of mucous, to the formation of the stones. Lots mention suspecting dairy as a contributing factor too, which produces mucous. I may just try the loradadine and NasalCrom you mentioned. Both are over the counter right? I've noticed that when I eat dairy I have a tickly throat afterwards and am always clearing it. Then i found out that-that's post nasal drip!

Is your breath still much improved? You mentioned that you hadn't had any stones for a while. Is that still the case?
whatastoner last decade
Just me,

The epsom salt thing is working in a way. I have a stone caught deep in my throat. Gargling seems to be bringing it closer to the surface, to the point where I will be able to cough it up soon. They always smell horrid just before they come out.

Can you explain to me the connection you think there is between body PH and the formation of stones in the tonsils? I don't see a connection whatsoever.

I also don't see anywhere where "most of us agree" that food caught in the tonsils is NOT the cause of tonsil stones. Where are you getting that from? I haven't seen anyone say that, but I could've missed it.

No one knows exactly why they form or what all the contributing factors are, but I thought I read here somewhere that one had been analyzed to contain food, mucous, and dead skin cells. So, it's your theory that it is NOT food, mucous, post-nasal drip and dead skin cells (sloughed off from the inside of your mouth) as major contributing factors, but rather an imbalance of hydrogen atoms in the body that causes the formation of stones?

Food, mucous, and dead skin cells are always in the mouth, with the first two being full of odor-causing bacteria. Consequently, tonsil stones smell like stinky little poop balls. But you don't see a connection to this, you only think it's a ph imbalance in the body that causes stinky little poop balls to form??

What is the connection to PH and HOW EXACTLY would that cause stinky little poop balls to form in your tonsils?

Food, mucous and dead skin cells all easily get stuck in the crypts of the tonsils. If you'll notice, people have mentioned the connection between bigger holes being formed and the increase in incidence of tonsil stones. It's repeated many times as you read.

If you think the PH balance is what is causing the stones, there MUST BE a 1+1=2 type of logic for this theory, or else it doesn't hold water. So, what exactly is that logic? Maybe I am thick, but i just can't see how you're connecting one to the other.

I just am not even getting how you are jumping from body ph to the formation of stones in the tonsils. Can you please explain this?
whatastoner last decade

I agree with you that getting to the ROOT CAUSE of what causes stones should be our goal, and not just spending our whole lives managing these disgusting things. I want them GONE and out of my life. I don't even want to have to think about them.

You mentioned that you still have unbelievable morning breath. Do you think you have stones caught in your tonsils, or could it be they are caught further down in your throat?

You mentioned that you changed your ph, which I have no doubt you can do. For several reasons I just don't know how long that would last. Here's why.

Your body is always striving for a state of "homeostasis". You probably already know that just means that your body always works to keep itself in equilibrium, in-which the internal environment of the body remains relatively constant. Homeostasis for blood PH is 7.35 - 7.45. (You'll already know much of this but bear with me, as i don't know what you know and what you don't.) You become more acidic if your ph falls below 7.35 and you're said to be in acidosis. You become more alkaline if your blood ph is higher than 7.45 and are said to be in alkalosis. Both of these SLIGHT shifts in ph can be life threatening. So.... if you thought you were acidic you'd wanna get yourself to a doctor because tonsil stones would be the LEAST of your problems. Partly because it would mean that ALL FIVE of your systems for controlling hydrogen-ion-concentration would've failed. NOT LIKELY to happen in a person who is otherwise relatively healthy.

If your ph remains BELOW 6.8 for more than a few hours your body systems can't function in this environment and you die. Same thing if you remain too alkaline (above 8.0) for more than a few hours. But even acidosis or alkalosis can be life threatening because these are electrolytes, and as you know, electrolytes are very important to your body systems.

Our body ph is vitally important to our survival. That is why the body has THREE different acid-base buffer systems to constantly balance our blood ph, and also two other systems for controlling ph: the respiratory center (in the brain stem,) and the urinary system, (your kidneys, or more specifically, the nephrons of your kidneys.) They all work to balance hydrogen atom balance, and they don't just work independently. When you become slightly acidic, they ALL kick in to balance the acidity, and same with becoming too alkaline.

The three buffer systems are these:

1. Bicarbonate buffer system

2. Phosphate buffer system

(These first two work to change strong acids into weak acids, and strong bases into weak bases.)

3. Protein buffer system

This system buffers acids using plasma proteins such as albumins and various proteins such as the hemoglobin of red blood cells. To put it simply, protein molecules can function as acids (by releasing hydrogen ions,) or as bases (by accepting hydrogen ions.) This is a special property of protein molecules, and if you want a more detailed exlanation I'd be happy to give it to you.

I wish you the BEST of luck in finding the particular cause of your stones, as i know how terrible they are to live with. I just don't think there is any proof whatsoever that they're related to acid-base balance and i'd hate to see you waste valuable time on what is probably unrelated.

I understand too your reluctance to have your tonsils removed, as you mentioned there must be a reason for your tonsils. But keep in mind the veriform appendix, which is just a small pouch off the cecum of the large intestine. They think it is there to help fight off infections, but when it ITSELF gets infected it can rupture and KILL YOU due to sepsis. People still die of a ruptured appendix.

And while tonsil stones may not KILL you, why would anyone want swollen, infected, nasty tissue in their mouth if they could get it removed and be done with it?

Guess it all boils down to how each person wants to approach this problem. Personally, i don't wanna manage it, I want the problem GONE.
whatastoner last decade

I can only speak for mine, but yes they've always been kinda hard when in my throat. Mine kindof stab me and hurt, due to the location i guess.

PLEASE get to see a doctor, as "white spots" on your throat doesn't sound very good. It sounds like a possible infection. I think some people are referring to the stones as "white spots" though.

Are yours flat against the back wall of your mouth entering into the throat, or are they bumpy and relatively firm? That would sound more like stones to me.

You may want to be careful with the peanuts. You could be allergic to them. I was eating nuts of all kinds before my doctor told me to quit them all. I had the reaction of my throat swelling up and constricting, and the pieces of nuts would get caught in my throat. (Sometimes I couldn't get them out FOR WEEKS! ugh.) She told me that it was an allergic reaction and that my next reaction could be anaphylactic shock, with my throat completey closing up. Nothing to mess with.
whatastoner last decade
Gosh, I am being a post piggy today. :)


I too think going through life worrying about gargling after every meal would be a pain in the rear. It certainly would impede your quality of life!

I can't imagine getting all those stones out of my tonsils! Unlike some people, mine smell just horrid, so i can't imagine 11 of them at one time with more possibly on the other side!

Are you going to try to have a tonsillectomy?


You said you were going to the doctor on 4-7-06. Did you go? Did you find out anything helpful?

With the crypts (holes as you refer to them) getting bigger, the problem is only going to get worse.


You seemed to be considering getting your tonsils out. Where are you at with the process? Have you decided to get them out?
whatastoner last decade

In a way i think those of you that can take a Q-tip and pop them out are very lucky. At least you can REACH them. Mine feel like a knife in my throat. That sensation travels up to my ear and really hurts.

I find it very interesting that you noticed such a difference when you added back dairy to your diet. Was that the only difference to your otherwise vegetarian diet, just the dairy? You haven't added back any meat?

So are you thinking that the dairy makes you form stones because of mucous production? That would make a lot of sense. Are you sensitive to dairy in any other ways?

I think the "dairy connection" is one of the most interesting since so many people seem to think it's a contributing, (or causal) factor.
whatastoner last decade

One thing I forgot to ask you, when you got your wisdom teeth out did you have general anesthesia or local? I don't know which is used in tonsillectomies, but am imagining it to be general.

I've had a terrible reaction to that before too. Dry heaves (sp?) forever with nothing coming up. ugh.

Also...how does tea tree oil freshen bad breath? Is it like a peppermint? What dosage did you use for gargling?

Sorry for all the questions but i'm always curious!
whatastoner last decade
ok theses white bumps that get lodged in the cavities in the tonsils are build up of bacteria i get mine out with my finger some are easy to get out whilst some are tedious ...i was just wanderin i also get symptons of slightly swolen glands in my neck and i dont know wether my throat is sore or is it because of these lumps of bacteria that get lodged in there but i think its those bumps...do they hurt anyone else when you swallow????im under serious stress at the moment im in my last year of high school and iv got big exams in a few weeks and im really worried about these tonsil stones do they ever go away?????pleeeeeeeease help me!
stiffler2302 last decade
okay you people the thing is if the tonsils so you say are causing you all of this problem then what the hell are you going to do when you get a upper respiratory infection like tell me that on aren't they supposed to protect you against upper respiratory infection i mean come one now what the heck. if you do at least go you had better check this doctor out thru and thru before he even touches your throat and i mean thru and thru like how many of these has he done and i mean in real life not in practice in real life . and how many has he done on adults. and you had better be healthy when you go in there to.
tonsils gone last decade
Heya all just replying to whatastoner's post... yes im booked in for my tonsillectomy now i think i will be having them out in june so i will let you all know how it goes i have 3 stones in my left tonsil today :( its pooi cant wait to get this all sorted ... will keep you all up to date after the surgery laura x
xlaurax last decade
Hello guys,

what do the tonsil stones feel like?
mine which i thought had gone has come again and this time on both sides...it does nto hurt....and today i found a piece of cheesy stuff a small cheeseball no taste coz i coudl bite into it and white in colour. quite small....not sure whether it came from the tonsil. my stones( not sure whether i could call them so since i was referring to them as ulcers till now) are white in colour, raised and like bumps and not spots.....no pain associated. it had vanished for sometime when i was away from here for about a month to a more humid place....
what could this be? u guys seem much more experienced hence what do u think would be best. I am in the midst of writing my thesis and cannot afford a distraction of going to a doc to check it out.
would salt water gargling help?
i have not bene monitoring my dietary changes so as to tell whether calcium could be causing the 'stones'.
have a nice day folks,
kavithasmenon last decade

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