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I've had this problem since college (20 years ago) and only recently found out I'm not the only freak in the world! Turns out my wife's friends had the same problem - but only during pregnancy. I obviously can't attribute my problems to pregnancy.

This line of postings has been great. I've read many. Here is what I have gleaned:

1) I'm not having my tonsils removed - I've thought about it, considered it, and have rejected it. BUT, my stones have not thus far stunk to high heaven. In fact, I have never smelled the sulfer smell so prevalent in posts here. Were it otherwise, I may consider otherwise. I judge no one for their choice, but I've never had surgery and intend to avoid it at almost all cost.

2) Food must be at the root of the causation, like sand to a pearl. But from there, bacteria becomes involved. Like any process in our oral cavity, what we eat and when we eat it will directly affect the chemical makeup of the 'debris' in our crypts, and will also affect the ph of our bodies and our crypts.

3) Some people are using some hard instruments toi remove the stones. Try irrigating with a glass eye dropper with a bent tip. It is much kinder than needle nose pliers (seriously, somebody wrote that is what they use!).

4) I L O V E DAIRY! I love milk. I don't feel right without some milk in me several times a week. Yet that seems to be a prevalent cause (or aggravator), and I think it is so in myself as well. But, I'm not getting rid of milk. To do so would be like taking a drug - helps here, hurts there.

5) I rarely eat eggs or anything that I think contains sulfer. Not avoiding it, it's just not a frequent food of mine. Does anyone find the intensity of the smell of the stones change with diet?

6) It would seem getting rid of the 'bad' bacteria while keeping the 'good' bacteria is the key. I've seen several posts that mention proteria? What is that? Can I get it from food?

7) I came to this site looking for an explanation for these stones and suggestions for a cure, but it looks like we are all in the same boat with trying a little something here, modifying there to find the cause and cure. I was also looking for a suggestion for something to physically remob=ve the stones better than the glass eye dropper I have been using. I have thought of a water pik before, but it seems too intense. A syringe with a very small hollow tube where one could insert the tip of it into the crypt and apply irrigation at any chosen intesity would seem to be what I'm looking for. Any suggestions?

8) Did I mention giving up milk is not an option? ;)
MobyTonsil last decade
have you considered soy milk? even if you're not into soy, there are plenty of other alternatives (eg nut milk).
kmoeller last decade
I've posted it many times but it gets lost in the new postings.

Tonsil stones are the result of a subacute tonsillitis. They are 'most commonly caused by actinomyces, a normal mouth bacterium that can cause infection.' http://www.healthopedia.com/tonsillitis/#

Just type 'subacute tonsillitis' in your search engine for more info.

They mystery continues to be why a bacteria we all have only causes problems for some of us. Has anyone investigated 'saliva buffering'? I think we may be simply lacking a mineral.
justmebyanyname last decade
Well hello fellow sufferers, I am yet another newcomer to this forum who is HAPPY TO KNOW I AM NOT ALONE. I found this site about a month ago during a 'bout', and spent 4 hours reading all of the postings - was gross yet conforting.

I've had them since I was a kid. I'm 33 now. Cut out milk and most dairy 10 years ago - that helped my health in ALL directions - milk for adults is a propoganda scam I tell ya.

I don't get the stones as bad as some on this site - I only get it in my left tonsil, and when I am really run down or stressed out. There is some sort of immune thing with this. Made the post-nasal drip connection too, thanks to this forum. The back of my throat will get itchy, which I 'scratch' with the back of my tongue, then the stones may show up. Maybe every month or 2 for a week or so. May be an ongoing lingering condition.

Interesting to read that honey water is a remedy, as I drink a tonne of tea with honey and let the hot tea scald the area as it goes down. I also spit alot to get out any excess mucus, and use listerine.

Hadn't thought to actually CLEAN the inside of the tonsil until I read this site - had some adventures with that, but my crypts are small, and it would seem that is a good thing from some of the postings!

What an interesting forum this is, I have to say.

MOBYTONSIL - try SILK brand soy milk - the best on the market. Also, when you just 'can't' give up a food, that is a sign of allergy to it.
ladylavender last decade
Well, I must say I'm giddy with relief that I'm not the only one with this thing. After all but cutting out my throat, again, for another 20 minutes tonight, I ran to the computer to see what I might find out about this. I'm blown away that this is so common! I like the ideas that dairy might be an issue, post-nasal drip, and excess phlem. I'm mortified at work that I reek and I'm constantly chewing breath gum. I mean, what's worse, watching people take a step away from you when you know full well why or having people think you're an unprofessional cow? Sorry, I must go with the latter. I have gotten adept at presenting with gum hiding in my mouth... Anyway, I have huge holes in my tonsils and I typically find these things on the right side. Lately, they seem to be literally 'in' the back wall of my throat where there are no holes - it's like they are seeping outward? ugh. I found something within abchomeopathy. Has anyone tried those products AktivOxigen Tablets, Nasal Sinus Drops, Extinguisher Spray? I'm desparate to get rid of this, but not enough for surgery (yet). I think I'm going to try. I'll report back. Thanks to all for having the courage to ask questions and share stories about a very unglamorous topic.
Orchid last decade
Hi Wendy:

You wrote: 'If I touch my tongue with my finger it feels very rough, and I can feel the pain in every little bump. At first I thought that maybe I burned my tongue while drinking hot coffee or eating, but it has been over a week now and there are more bumps and more pain. Now my whole mouth is sore and raw. It's like every day I have more and more bumps and more and more pain. When I wake up in the morning my mouth feels like sand paper, even though I keep water by the bed and drink it all night. Anyone have suggestions for a girl with no health insurance?'

I feel your pain, since I've been in the 'Don't get sick; I have no health insurance' position.

Unfortunately, what you're describing could be any number of things that's difficult to determine based on what you've given here. It could be a viral infection, could be an strange manifestation of herpes (probably not), sounds almost like swollen taste buds, but a lot of them.

Two things spring immediately to mind though, and both would be easy to fix. I'd say if these are eliminated, you should perhaps go to a clinic or something.

The first... Twice, I had some rather nasty mouth pain, and both times it turned out to be something stupid. Do you eat a lot of hard candy? Sometimes, if you're unconsciously sucking on a piece of candy in one area of your mouth (like having a jolly rancher on your tongue), you can actually 'eat away' at the tissue a bit, and have weird sore areas for no apparent reason. That happened to me due to jolly ranchers.

Second time, I'd been eating a lot of Captain Crunch cereal without milk, which is a fairly rough cereal, and ended up with mouth pain and weird sores.

Have you changed your diet? Do you eat any 'rough' foods, or are you more than usual? It could also be an allergy, if you've introduced a new food source to your diet.

If you haven't changed your eating habits at all, I'd say then you should probably see a doc, which sucks for the cost, maybe one at a clinic, to rule out anything serious.
Ishie1013 last decade
Well I had the surgery today at 11am this morning. After a breif wait in the lobby I was directed to go into the surgical center where I undressed and put on the appropriate garments and had an IV tube put into my hand. The nurse then gave me a sedative which made me feel nice all over for the few minutes before I was taken into the surgery room. Also had the same deal as the one guy where they tell you the gas is oxygen and I was knocked out fairly quick. Woke up 30 minutes later and wasn't feeling too bad but boy did that sure change. About an hour later my throat felt like it had strep but on fire and can barely swallow my saliva right now and it still makes me cringe in agony. I've been drinking ice water regularly but even that doesn't seem to be appeasing to the pain anymore. Hopefully in a day or so the edge will be taken off from the healing but for now it's the worst shape my throat has ever been in but I am still very happy that I had this done so that I may be able to kiss my girlfriend and not feel awkward because of something tickling the back of my throat.
Sano7 last decade

Long term readers are going to laugh at what it has taken me so long to figure out.


Ok, I didn't have much luck with the honey water rinsing that so many raved about. BUT, after reading up on honey I kept recommending it.

So, it hit me. What I want the honey to do is kill the bacteria in the crypts of my tonsils - so that's where I put it.

I used the monoject 412 syringe filled with straight honey (not diluted with water) and put the honey directly into the crypts, but I did it on just one side.

It's been a week now. The tonsils were the same size last week, and the tonsil with the honey put into it is about half now.

So, I've put honey into the other tonsil this morning and more honey into the first tonsil. I'll let you know how it goes, but it looks more promising than anything else I've tried.

This one is worth the try without waiting for final results.
justmebyanyname last decade
Wow i thought i was the only one who had this. I recently just got these stink balls in my tonsils (2 months ago) and was a little scared and unsure of what to expect from this. Occasionally these balls fall out of my right tonsil and really make my breath stink. Its not to bad except for confidence in talking with others. I am glad, in a way, that it does not seem to be a serious problem! GThe only other thing i have to say is that i am a 21 year old male with a wisdom tooth problem, so maybe thats causing tonsil stones in me. Thanks for the help everyone...

joedesu1 last decade
You just have top love the Google Ads on this forum:


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Gee, if i knew I could sell them, I wouldn't have washed so many down the drain!
MobyTonsil last decade
i don tthink that wisdom team effect the stones...i got the stones when i had my wisdom teeth and then i still have them after i got them out. I tried the honey water with no luck, i couldn't use a syringe and straight honey becasue it would be really hard for me to get it shot back into the hole because mines way back there... i dont know though, i'm just trying to find temporary relieft till the 2nd, when i get my surgery, i really cant wait, the stones that i get are getting bigger and bigger, so i dont want these things anymore!
tim618 last decade
for the past few days I could feel I had some huge ones in the back of my throat. I've been looking for days and I can't seem to find them. I woke up this morning and did that thing where you hack up something (yes I know.. gross but we all do it) and I got like 5 of them out. This is just crazy. Has to be a cure other than surgery.
seadoo last decade
Hello, I have been reading this post for quite some time now and have tried many of the solutions offered. Not much true success with any of them. When I went to buy some more Listerine citrus mouthwash, I picked up Colgate Peroxyl instead. It has improved my oral health a great deal in the last two weeks. I am not one to push brands so it is of course the hydrogen peroxide that is doing the trick. This product just makes it convenient to get hydrogen peroxide into the mouth. No more morning breath if I use it last thing before bed and no tonsil stones so far. I am not sure if this will last, but I wanted to share the info and the fact that I am enjoying some relief from this pesky problem. It was helpful immediately and seemed to get better day by day. I felt like the bacteria (or whatever) was being eliminated over the course of a week. Just a suggestion, I will let readers know if the positive effects diminish with time.
freshbreath last decade
went to ent last week and he said 1) dont gargle w/ listerine bc it kills ALL the bacteria, good and bad. if you kill all, the only stuff that will remain is the toughtest, most resilient bacteria 2) change diet. reduce sugars and lenghten time in between meals, no snacking, 3) eliminate nuts and popcorn. i asked about dairy but he said no...i suspect milk 4) eat lots of yogurt, everyday and roll it around in your mouth to encourage healthy flora in the mouth 5) no sugary gum, breath drops or candy, sugar feeds all bacteria in the nouth 6) if you must gargle, use a weak solution of peroxide and water 4parts water, one part peroxide 7) irrigate your nose with saline or simply saline or mild salt water twice per day in the morn and eve. he says tonsil removal is an option, but try this first. my stones have diminished, but i'm not being super diligent. its hard to do all these things at once and its hard for me to reduce my chocolate intake. maybe i should gargle after enjoying chocolate...

this advice seems to make sense to me and i really really dont want to remove my tonsils...
willing2try last decade
interesting idea. honey applied directly on tonsils.

has anyone tried royal jelly, isnt that stuff supposed to be more potent?
willing2try last decade
This is an ongoing condition, for sure for me - I have taken much more notice of the frequency since being on this forum. Also, found some in my right tonsil that I squeezed out - I have started pushing on the tonsils with my finger and trying to work any stones that may be in there out the top of the tonsil. So I tried this on the right one, that I thought was free of them, and low and behold there was a few tiny ones in there.

I'll try using peroxide rather than listerine as willingtotry suggested- I can't imagine not rinsing at all!

What was life like during the dark agea, or any time in history pre-1400's or so.? Can you imagine not brushing your teeth, or showering, etc, or deodorant, etc. Is kissing someone a recent development in history? How could that have been pleasant pre-hygiene? Our poor tonsil stone ancestors - let's take a moment to shed a tear for them - without even a mirror to guide their tweezers...
ladylavender last decade
I havnt posted in here for months but I thought I would pop by.
I suffered with these tonsiloliths for years,I also used to suffer alot with my ears and had to have an operation when I was 16 to repair my ear drum which had a huge hole in it.
I read alot about thses tonsiloliths and tried desperatley to get rid of them,I was put on several courses of anti-biotics,had my tonsils sprayed,gargled with salt water you name it I tried it.The only method I didnt try was having my ear canal sprayed to clean them out but this was because im not allowed to have any liquid applied with force down my ears due to the op in my left ear and a slight perfiration in my right.Eventually after having comments off my boss at work and friends about my breath I asked my ENT if I could just have my tonsils removed,so at the beginning of this year they were taken out.It was complete agony....I would even go as far as to say hell!!!!!!!!You have to eat normal food (no jelly and ice cream)I wasnt allowed to leave hospital untill I had eaten toast!!!!!!I can remember sitting at home crying because I could eat a chicken nugget!!!But even though it was the worst pain I had ever felt it was the best thing I have ever had done.I no longer have to worry about smelly breath,having to gargle after every meal,taking course after course of anti-biotics or spitting up a huge smelly white lump while in the middle of my brother-in-laws wedding meal!!
I wouldnt say go straight out and ask about having your tonsilis out untill you have tried everything,but if you have tried everything and nothing is working for you then I would certainly consider it.
good luck everyone
erin1983 last decade
I have had this problem as long as I can remember (at least 20 yrs). In that same timeframe I can't remember when the last time I was sick at all. The only thing I get is an occasional sinus infection whenever I am exposed to heavy amounts of cigar or cigarette smoke but thats it. And as far as I know nobody has ever said I have a breath issue either and if I had one my wife would gladly inform me!!!

Has anyone bothered to consider that when your tonsils create these stones that they are just doing what they were designd to do and the stones are the byproduct(waste product) of them doing there job. If the tonsils are maybe some sort of first line defense against bacteria them maybe the people who have over active tonsils which create a lot of stones (which in turn may make bad breath)are just being exposed to large amounts of bacteria from the foods they eat or air they breathe.

Whenever I notice I have any stones, I can feel them rubbing against the back of my tongue usually, I just stick my finger in my mouth and massage the tonsil to push the stone free and them just gargle it out. On occasion I have had some large amounts of them and one time they were packed in deeply making the tonsil a little sore but, after a little massaging and pushing on the tonsil they popped free. I know sticking your finger in your mouth can be hard for some people, gagging and all, but I feel it is usually the safest way. Sticking pointy objects or pressured water in the back of your throat could cause more harm than good especially if you start to gag.

Well that is just my two cents worth but, I feel that having my tonsils still (and I am 36 now)has contributed to the lack of illnesses that I have had to experience.
cmarti1012 last decade
Hi there,
I've been following this forum for months and months now.
I discovered my first tonsil stone back in september, but realise I have had them for a long time, but didn't figure out what was going on for a long time, until recently.
The bad breath, the sore tonsils, strep throat, was having it all. Saw an ENT finally, and just over a week and half ago I had a tonsillectomy.
The recovery has been quite rough. The first week is the worst. Now my throat is only tender, and my body is quite weak and in shock.
I'm glad to be rid of them, and no more tonsil problems!
bump_girl last decade
To willing2try -

I havent explored any further because the honey worked for me.

The key was the monoject 412 syringe. It's the type of syringe used for dental irrigation. You can get it in a craft or hobby store probably. I had to order it offline and posted that link somewhere in here.

When I say inject the honey into the crypts... I am NOT talking with needles or any such thing. This syringe has a very long curved tip. I took the plunger out to fill it with honey and carefully replaced the plunger while letting the honey roll back onto it. I'm sure you will be able to figure it out. The tip is much too small to pull the honey in the way it goes out thought.

Absolutely everything on your list that was told to you by your doctor is what I have discovered in investigating this problem. That was all great information. That doctor sounds like a winner.

The honey is a natural antibiotic and we are fighting a bacterial infection. It was just the ticket for me.

Hope it works for you! It tastes great, and is sure a whole lot less painful and less expensive than surgery!

Good Luck!!!
justmebyanyname last decade
Just a note as I just read your post, but tooth decay etc. is caused by bacteria. I'm not sure these specific bacteria were around back then or when they started being a problem. Now days parents are encouraged to never share utensils etc. with their babies to try not to pass the bacteria to them.

Just thinking that it might not have been so bad back in the dark ages.
justmebyanyname last decade
Have that 'lump in my throat' feeling currently and just found this site while researching what these disgusting white deposits are.

I've had them since I was a kid, and weekly push them out of the crevaces with q-tips. My mom is a nurse and always told me that my tonsils were doing their job and I should leave my tonsils in. Now that I'm an adult, I may look into the option of surgery.

As mentioned on first page of this post--my doctor has always mentioned my large tonsils, even during healthy physicals. I also have a cyst on my thyroid, but was told by doctors that it is not affecting my system.
relieved last decade
I also suffer from those nasty white bumps. I recently had a cold that wouldn't go away and had a very sore left tonsil with white bumps on it. I thought I'd try to blast them away with the waterpik after reading about it on this site. What a mistake! My tonsils started bleeding and I can hardly swallow. I have just been to see a doctor and he has prescribed a round of antibiotics. Be very careful when fooling around with infected tonsils.
maddie last decade
Hi Everyone:

I have a question concerning our common plight of tonsillitis.

First, I have cryptic tonsillits; tissue scaring caused from a severe bout of combined mono, strep throat and tonsillitis.

Tonsillitis is either viral or bacterial and usually doesn't last more than a week or two. What can happen is deep scaring which develop into 'crypts' for depris and mucus to fill and attract bacteria. This is called Cryptic Tonsillitis. If originally the form of tonsillitis was viral, then it is still contagious. I have learned that if I gurgle salt water, really chew my food thoroughly and keep a diet low in dairy (it is mucus forming) that I don't experience stones very often anymore. My crypts have also healed over the years, becoming smaller.

Finally my question is how many of you who have had long term white stones also have tmj or jaw grinding. I am curious if there is a connection from the swelling in the tonsils and jaw.

Please let me know. Thank you.
tiona last decade
Cleanse your bodies regularly! And eat whole foods only! Stay away from all white & refined foods. Start by ridding your bodies of parasites, then cleanse your liver, kidney & then bowel. ANd maintain ... Then your organs will being working again and you wont have these problems. And, build up of bacterias in your body does lead down the road to cancer. b/c eventually the immune system starts attacking itself ... curezone dot com (no affliation). Black Walnut TInture, Wormwood, Ground CLoves, Co Q10, Ceyenne, GArlic, Hawthorn, Ginko Bibla, ROsemary, Lemon Balm, Get your water delivered pure, cut your dairy down to once a week (except yogurt - necessary for calcium and beneficial flora). Cut meat consumption. ADD seeds and nuts and dried berries to your diet (trail mix NO granola type trail mix). Well anyhow. I have given my .02¢ Cleanse!
heyuitsme last decade
I've already pled my case on this site but I was wondering. Does anybody get sore lymph nodes in their armpits when suffering a tonsil stone bout?
I only discovered the stones this June and have been plagued by them and other symptoms about every two weeks since. My symptoms include tender lymph nodes under my jaw, throat, and armpit. I can sometimes have headaches, slight fever, and a sore tummy. I always get fatigued but I'm also a thyroid patient. I take thyroid hormone supplements to regulate so I blame the fatigue on tonsil stone eruptions.
My doctor doesn't seemed concerned but I was at least able to get him to take a throat culture for strep throat. I'm still waiting for results. He also said that there was no cause for concern over my swollen nodes because they weren't that swollen.
But why, suddenly, do I have to go through these symptoms peeking and subsiding about every two weeks? Is that normal?
slothgirl last decade

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