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I use my waterpik for that without the jet attached. Yep, it really helps. And as long as I put the baking soda in with the salt water, it doesn't hurt. But the best results were the time I used vinager water. OUCH! Something to think about tho is that I think the nasal discharge we all have is a result of our infection and not the cause of the stones. That the increase in stone production is probably causing the increase in nasal discharge and not the backwards way we've been thinking about it. Or I had anyway. But it does make me feel better! Rinses them out so I don't have to carry tissues constantly.

Ok, I'll shut up now ;)

For a little while :D
justmebyanyname last decade
I remember when I first discovered the stinky little clumps in the back of my throat. I was 7 years old and in the 2nd grade. The day was almost over and my class was having recess. For some reason I was digging in my tonsils with the tip of my tongue and out popped these big stinky chunks.I don't think I had anymore for a few years b/c I remember probing for them. But as time went by, the stinky clumps made a return. I am now 19 years old and I am healthy and I still have these. I am glad(?) to hear that all the ppl on here have them too, b/c now I can logically generalize that everyone must have them even ppl who may never have even seen them. And I also believe that ppl with severe halitosis definitly have them as their breath smells just like these particular clumps. I have had family report having had them in the past. One of my aunts said she believes that the white chunks are food particles and as someone else on here wrote that white blood cells were found as well, I too believe that there is not just one particular source for these stinky bumps.
stankuthanky last decade
Ok, just for the sake of argument...let's say these stones are caused by bacteria.

Now...I have another theory...or more thoughts on the original one. The pH idea. (If you're new... review the last post on page 16.)

Here's why I think maybe some people get tonsil stones and some don't...

Many people have said their breath is worse in the morning and that they find more tonsil stones in the morning. In that article he says that his body is more acidic in the early mornings.

This article also tells how to change your body's pH levels. I haven't tried this yet. But I think this might be a winner.

Trying to keep this brief and still convey the idea. Let me know what you think or if you decide to try the idea. I'm always interested in results...even if what you try fails.

Good Luck all!

By the way... I did purchase the Oreck air cleaner advertised here sometimes... Haven't had it that long but like the results so far.
justmebyanyname last decade
Hey everyone! After a night of silly drinking, I woke up this morning to a sore throat on the right side. Over the past couple of months I noticed a white spot forming on my tonsil and I figured it was a stone-which I have only had once before-that I could see anyway. Anywho-very gross but all I did was push on my tonsil relatively gently and out flew the white plug as well as other grainy looking yellow and brown crumb type substances. Horribly horrifying! My throat does feel better, but I cant help but wonder if theres more in there that I'm missing...I may try the waterpik thing in a few days but for now I've just keep on pushing on my tonsil but nothing else has really come out. Also, in the past I've had similar pain further down my throat under my tonsil, kind of behind my tongue-on the same right side. Then it occured to me today maybe stones are forming down there too where I cant see or reach. I tried to put my finger down there and pressed on the area, and I did feel like something popped out-still a bit of pain though. Is that possible to have stones that far down your throat? So confused! Thanks!
Merrydothe last decade
Hey Merrydothe,

You can google pillar tonsils or Waldeyer's ring to see exactly where your tonsils are... Sounds pretty normal to me though for tonsil stones. Personally, I think this is a lymph infection that is being kicked out into the tonsils and you have lymph nodes right under your jaw there...but that is just a theory.

More interesting to me was the fact that you hadn't had these in a long time and you drank a substantial amount of acidic alcohol? And that speed up the growth of the stone? Kinda makes me wonder if that fits in the whole pH thing of a more acidic environment makes them grow faster. Just thoughts.

Good Luck!
justmebyanyname last decade

I have to disagree with the lymph thing as I have always had very bad allergies, post nasal drip, athsma and just recently had a horrible sinus infection with so much post nasal drip that it infected my larynx and my voice was completely gone. So I'm almost 100% positive that my health history and my recent sinus infection played a part. I'm also in my first year of teaching at an elementary school and I have been sick at least once a month since I started-so that has a lot to do with it too.

I think maybe the alcohol dislodged it or added to it so that it was able to come out? I have no idea-but my tonsil is still hurting...suspicious...

Merrydothe last decade
I hear ya Merrydothe :)

One thing to keep in mind though is that sinus issues and post nasal drip could be symptoms of the infection. I had always thought my post nasal drip and sinus issues caused the stones, but I think that is backwards. I think the lowgrade underlying infection causes the sinus problems and post nasal drip. And I have what I thought were allergies, but it's not normal to suffer from them year round all the time. Sure there are things I am for sure allergic too, but I shouldn't have symptoms alllll the time. ;) And just like you... about once a year I lose my voice. Totally.

And I feel for ya exposed to all those little ones and their germs. Like Garrison says...'nothing you do for a child is ever wasted' :) keep up the good work... good luck!
justmebyanyname last decade
Ok..I'm really freaked out now...


I found this.. a lump appeared on the back of my neck 2 months ago & my dr. said it was a spasmed muscle. My breast dr. said it's a lympnode. I found this article & it has me scared...My back has been hurting & spasming since December.

The pain is just in my right ear, yet it's my left tonsil that produces the stones. A white pus-like stuff comes out of my right tonsil & I gag on it instantly... I am making another appointment w/my dr. to get this checked out.
ronjenn696 last decade
Also, does anyone's throat feel "thick" after eating? Like things don't go down completely..like there's something stuck in there?

I get that feeling alot along with my throat throbbing where my thyroid is...feels like my heartbeat in my throat. Maybe it is, don't know - but am freaked by all of this. I have 3 young kids, ya know?
ronjenn696 last decade
I have been reading more posts and I hear a lot about these things forming or growing on the backs of peoples throats... these things have never 'grown' in the back of my mouth; they are lodged in my tonsils...crypts or whathaveyou. Since I have joined this forum, I have been a tad more focused on these things and find them a little more annoying than usual. Gargling has never helped. Poking at my tonsils with a finger or blush brush or other smooth-rounded object has worked the best. Hmmm...no new news on these things.
stankuthanky last decade
you know, i know the feeling of acid reflux. i was diagnosed with gerd in the past, but i do not believe there is a connection between aR and these stinky things since i remember getting them so young, b4 ever developing gerd. it does make u wonder though, b/c h. pylori was found in my stomach and these clumps contain much bacteria...maybe some acidophilic(?) bacteria...does anyone talk to there doctors about this...i havent, but haven't exactly seen the dire need to. maybe i will next visit.
stankuthanky last decade
hi everyone.

I just wanted to post in and say that I had a tonsillectomy as of last Thursday. The pain hasn't been nearly as bad as I've heard it can be. However, I know the worst pain is still to come.

I'm hoping the surgery will fix a lot of problems for me.
blpsara last decade

I read that last email on page 16 and I found it interesting. Do you mind telling me the outcome of your study? If it is posted please let me know where I may find it.

It is amazing how we have soo many thoughts and data on this subject, and still no real way to find a cure.

Thanks for the information.

jointhecrowd last decade
Hey Sarah,

I don't think anyone has tried the balance pH idea for the body, yet. http://www.earthclinic.com/CURES/pH.html
I was really hoping swimmermom would wander in and test her family for us!

As far as irrigating with acids (alcohol or Lysterine) and/or bases (hydrogen peroxide or CO2), I found that it caused problems for me. It killed some of the bad bacteria, but also the good bacteria. I think the best thing to irrigate with is still the honey water or salt water. The advantage of honey water is it has natural anti-biotic properties.

The iodine painting I've been doing is now up to 24 hours.
If the answer to the question wasn't there... an easier way to find posts I've made is by logging on and clicking on my name... I'll warn you now there is a lot of junk posted ;) but some good information lost in there too.

I am hoping someone lives in the Miami, Fl area and can maybe go visit Edward J. Hillman, M.D., the author of the paper "Actinomycosis of the Head and Neck".

Hope that helps!
justmebyanyname last decade

The fact that you have a swollen lymph node fits with what I think causes the tonsil stones. I don't think it's cancer... I think it's 'Actinomycosis' a low grade infection. And you do have lymph nodes on the back of your head right above your hair line. Actually, you have them throughout your whole body too. I have a kernel or lump under the skin on my forearm near my elbow that feels a small pea just under the skin. It's been there for ages. I think it's the same thing.

And yep. I have the swollowing problem. Even had something stuck in my throat so that I had to have it removed at the hospital once (now that's embarassing). Sometimes food just get stuck there. Usually drinking will dislodge it and move it on down. My grandmother used to go in to get her esphogus streached. I thought that was the craziest thing I'd ever heard of until I had something trapped there.

I wouldn't get too concerned about this being cancer until you explore a little more. I'm almost 99.9999999% positive it's not. ;)

Good Luck!
justmebyanyname last decade
These board do not seem to be moderated by any physicians so I hope everyone here takes any information with a grain of salt. Remember this is just peoples opinons based on research done on the internet and not proven medical facts.

Many of these post are bordering on hypochondria and it sounds like new people come on and get very worked up about something that bothers quite a few people.

If it worries you go to the Dr! Or research it more in depth for yourself. Don't rely on a diagnosis given to you by an anonymous person on the internet.
HappyMommyx4 last decade

I agree and think that someone early on in this post summed it up when they likened the care for this symptom to a daily maintenance routine such as taking out the trash or blowing ones nose, when needed.

There are a lot of sinus and oral porducts available that will reduce and minimize this often misunderstood condition but have to be adminstered with consistency in order to work.

Fortuneately, this condition can be administered to though a daily routine and its not cancer or something such as that.
KenJohn last decade
Ronjenn has been on the forum for a long time gang. I'm positive they realize that there are no experts in here. That this is a homeopathic website. And that opinions only are being offered.

Did you read the link Ronjenn posted? It listed many of the same symptoms that are listed for Actinomycosis. I don't think it's hypochondria to research your symptoms.

I personally am not happy with simply maintaining my tonsil stones, and I don't think surgery is an acceptable cure. I view them as a symptom of a larger problem. Way back when, we had someone who had access to what research was being done in the medical field and she told us there was no current research on tonsil stones. This caused me to start searching more for answers on my own. I've spent probably four hours a week minimum for that past six months reading information related to this subject. I'm really just looking for myself and don't need to share the information though. But, as when I first started reading the forum, I found it handy to ready the information other people had researched I posted what I found.

Pssst.... It's a good idea for everyone to read the paragraph at the bottom of the page.
justmebyanyname last decade
Wow! I just spent all day reading all of the posts here. I have had tonsil crypts or stones or whatever you want to call them since I was in grade school (I'm now 37).

I've had many theories about what causes them or how to get rid of them. Please let me make some observations after reading *all* of the posts here.

I went gluten free, casein free, soy free, and corn free for almost 2 years while I nursed my son who was allergic to all but 8 foods. While this helped me with many health issues as well, it did not eliminate my tonsil stones. So eliminating dairy did not eliminate the problem for me.

What I did find as a common thread through all of the posts was the connection to antibiotic use, sinus issues, chronic infection, stomach bugs, bacterial issues, strep throat, sore throats, tooth fillings/dental work making it work, dairy making it worse, yogurt making it better, vinegar making it better, ...

So...what do all of these things have in common? They *can* all be connected to excess yeast in the body. Excess yeast (as well as yeast die off) can cause sore throats, runny noses,chronic sinus issues, stomach upset, flu like symptoms, chronic fatigue, etc. Dental fillings (if silver) contain amalgam. Amalgam contains mercury. Mercury causes yeast to proliferate in the body. Dairy causes increased yeast but good yogurt can keep it in check or help it decrease.

One course of antibiotics is enough to throw the gut balance of good and bad bacteria off for years. When antiobitics were first invented, they were coated with another drug called nystatin. Nystatin is an antiyeast medication. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, the FDA required antiobitics to discontinue being made with a nystatin coating as it was a separate medication and required a separate prescription. Nystatin was supposed to be prescribed at the same time antibiotics were prescribed but this habit fell by the wayside over time.

So...the opposite of antibiotics is probiotics. Some folks mentioned Primal Defense about halfway through the posts. This is an excellent, high quality probiotic. I have been taking it regularly for almost 6 months now. However, I am not up to the full dose of 3 per day yet. My tonsil crypts have been reduced but not eliminated by any means. But anyone who has chronic yeast can attest, it takes A LOT to get rid of it.

With that said, I do not know if getting rid of the yeast will cure the tonsil crypts or if it is even what causes it but I do believe it is related. If anyone has ever seen a baby with thrush (yeast infection in the mouth, on the tongue, or in the throat), it can present as small white patches in the mouth which cannot be scraped off. Maybe there is a connection there...

For the person who posted way back about a metallic taste in their mouth - I *strongly* suggest you find a doctor who will do a heavy metals test for you as this can be a symptom of mercury or other heavy metal toxicity. This would also include yeast issues, and all of the "symptoms" listed above.

As for homeopathic treatment ... first let's address what homeopathy really is because after reading the posts, there seems to be some confusion as to that. Homeopathy does not simply refer to "alternative" or "natural" medicines. It is a method of medicine which is based on the principle of "like cures like."

Remedies contain substances (or in most cases only the "memory" or "vibration" of substances) which in its natural form can cause the same symptoms for which it can cure in the "remedy" form.

So, this brings me to the mention of iodine. Years ago an ENT specialist told me if I gargled with warm to hot water *every* time after I ate, it would cure my tonsil crypts. He *guaranteed* it. Would you believe I haven't ever been able to do it consistently enough to say if it would?! But I did notice when I would do it frequently, it did significantly reduce them and reduced the size of my tonsils (which by the way are deteriorating bilaterally - so much so that the ENT asked me *when I had had them out!!!* and I never did!

So this leads me to believe Pedro is onto something.

Lastly, as for a homeopathic remedy, I have been taking Natrum Muriaticum for almost a year now. Nat. Mur. is basically table salt. It is sodium chloride. Excessive salt can cause depression, headache, cold sores, catch colds easily, and other Nat. Mur. symptoms. To look at it homeopathically, it's why chicken soup helps fight a cold symptoms - most chicken soup is high in salt - like cures like.

Anyway, one of the symptoms for Nat. Mur. is sore throat, with lump sensation. And hawks up egg white mucus from the back of the throat.

While Nat. Mur. has helped me tremendously with other things -- it has not cured my tonsil crypts.

Interestingly enough, someone else mentioned Kali Muriaticum and someone mentioned potassium chloride. Well, Kali-M. *is* potassium chloride. kali m. is for all things white - white tongue, white discharge, etc. It covers common cold symptoms, ear crackling, popping, swollen glands, deafness remaining after catarrh in the Eustachian tubes, and sore throat, tonsils, swollen, white, and *thrush*!

I do not know if this remedy would work because I haven't tried it but perhaps someone out there might! Seems like it would fit. But for anyone working with a homeopath, I would strongly suggest talking to them about it before jumping in.

I hope that helps in some way! Just my running thoughts as I spent 8 hours reading this thread!

I'm going to try the warm salt water gargle and see what happens. I'll post back shortly.
busymominme last decade
Oops - looks like I can't edit my posts. I meant to say the ENT recommended warm/hot SALTY water (thus the iodine).

Also, in case I didn't make it clear, mercury or other heavy metal toxicity can cause all of these symptoms as well. I am mercury toxic, so is my daughter - we both have tonsil crypts. Thus we both have yeast issues. Another chicken and egg thing but I think it's all connected.

Last thing... antibiotics are grown on mold - it's what penicillin is made of - so it makes sense mold would exaccerbate the problem.

Thanks for letting me share!
busymominme last decade
Most of what I have read here are tonsil problems. I have tonsil stones but also white spots on the very back of my throat coming up through my esophagus. Everything I have read leads me to belive its candida. Yeast that gets out of control. Many of you must have candida also.
samiam last decade

Let me just say wow...that was a lot to read in one day.

As far as gargling with salt water goes, by all means try it to double check... but way back when somewhere (and posts do disappear every now and again i believe) we had someone who even traveled around with her salt packets to gargle when she was out. From what she posted she was very consistant about it for a long time, but finally gave up and had the surgery. I still think it or honey water is the best thing to gargle with though. I posted Kali M etc. after searching for homeopathic tonsil cures. Then I figured out what it really was and realized whe'd already tried it. Also, I'm working on the iodine thing at the moment, but from the outside in (painting). From what I read, pretty much any one who lives in North America is short on iodine. I finally have enough iodine in me I think (the painting stays on for 24 hours), but I've seen no effect on my tonsil stones.

I'm getting ready to try the Primal Defense thing next...I've got to try that before what I ordered expires. ;) I've been trying one thing at a time so I know what works.

I too thought it was related to yeast and posted a fair amount of info on it at the time, but something I read changed my mind. I'd have to re-read the info to remember what that was though. I think the anti-biotic connection is not so much the yeast, but the lowering of our immune system so that acytomyces which occur normally in our body start growing out of control much like the yeast might. I mean it could be the yeast...but the acytomyces theory puts in the smell of sulfur and calcium phosphate which stones are said to be made of in the picture.

I just can't figure out why some people 'catch' this and others don't. That's the question I'm really searching for an answer to at the moment. I think the pH of your body may be the answer. We know that bacterium need a specific pH to grow, and I think that may be the answer. Did you read the link for testing and changing the pH of your body? I'm really hoping someone will test that theory out.

Ah......who knows.....maybe I'm wrong. :) But I'm pretty convinced at the moment. ;)
justmebyanyname last decade
Hey! Am I glad I found this place. I am 21 and have had these weird bumps only a couple of times my whole life. I am hoping that this isn't going to be an every day thing. I had one tonight actually which is how I came upon this forum. I noticed in the back of my throat and got it out with my tooth brush some how and put it in a plastic bag. Unknowingly....I broke it and damn did it smell. When I get a chance to get to the doctors I guess I will drop it off and see if they can't run some tests to find out what it is composed of. I will keep you guys posted. Oh an thank you everyone for all the information!
deftones06 last decade
Ok, I haven't posted in a long time because I'm not sure what to say or do anymore. I'm so depressed, my tonsil stones went from only forming on the left side, to only forming on the right side but now I have them worse then ever in both tonsils. My throat feels like I have two huge solid things stuck on either side of my throat and everything I swallow either gets stuck or just sits at the back of my throat so I have to constantly clear my throat making me sound like a nasty pig. These things are depressing me so much I can't help but cry while I'm writing this.
I'm thinking of going on one of those yeast cleansisng diet things because I'm starting to see a connection. This is a little embarrassing for me to write but I've noticed on days my stones are really bad I'm very itchy down below and I have more discharge then usual. I feel sick and headachey all the time, I get such bad night sweats, but I'm not even sure they're are connected. I just want to feel well, this is affecting my whole life.
I've been to my doctor so many times but he won't help me and of course they seem to clear up around the time of my appointment. I've tried everything to get these out but I think they're bigger and more solid then ever. I feel so gross and so tired all the time my friends don't invite me anywhere anymore because I never feel good enough to do anything. I thought I wanted these gone badly before but now I'm going to see about getting my tonsils removed because this is getting way out of my tolerance level and effecting my life to much for me to care if I have tonsils or not.
Xena38 last decade
Candida is the worst thing that has ever happened to me but i found the candida diet and threelac works well enough to keep me working.
samiam last decade
Justme... good thoughts. Perhaps it is an immune thing (like cold sores - everyone is exposed - some get them, some don't). Hmm - I thought the opposite - that most in US had an abundance of iodine since our diets are so high in salt and virtually all salt is now iodized (unless you use sea salt which even some is iodized and most don't buy).

Xena - found a *good* classical homeopath - they can help. At the very least, you might want to try the primal defense. I used to have that same exhausted feeling all the time and it really helped me.

Good luck everyone! I'll post back if the salt water rinsing helps or not.
busymominme last decade

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