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I haven't posted in a while but I agree with nomostinkbombs. I have seen a great reduction in them since using a mouthwash every morning and night. Really gargling and holding the mouthwash in the oral cavity is important. Swish it around toward the back especially. I also agree with the no dairy and bolstering the immune system. My last one was around Thanksgiving when I had a mean sinus infection. I do periodically have pain in my right ear (and the stones are almost always on the right side) so I would like to try ear candling but need help about how to do this.
Funny thing but mine seem to come out early in the morning hours when I am still asleep. Does anyone else experience this?
freshbreath last decade
I have been to 5 different doctors and they are all telling me the same thing just dig them out. Apparently the doctors dont know hwo painfull these things can be. My tonsils swell up so much when i get these stones in them that they touch each other and that is called kissing tonsils. I've had these since i was around 7 years old. Now because of this i have TMJ i get strep throat very very easily and i'm on a very very very strict diet to prevent the spread of them.Yes your tonsils have slats in them but not holes like these stones create and they get larger and larger with everyone that grows in there.If anyone has any questions i will be more than happy to answer them you can email me at jennifer53086yahoo.
jennifer21 last decade
Hmm...I've recently had tonsillitis (for about 3 weeks now) which started off with the normal enlarged tonsils, white gunk on tonsils etc...I took echinacea, which seemed to help, but then the tonsillitis came back when I stopped taking it. I went to the doc who gave me a week's course of 500mg Amoxicillin. The antibiotic had absolutely no effect. I also noticed white spots/blisters on the very back of my tongue. Does this sound like the same thing that you guys are talking about?
auburnette last decade
I finally got rid of mine sheesh. Mine kept breaking off in small pieces which is kinda new to me, normally they just come out as 1 piece. But I did notice chewing alot of gum,not the junk gum, the kind used specifically for freshening breath, Orbitz to be exact, shrunk the white patch down. See it was larger and I could feel it just dangling in my throat but every attempt at hocking it up proved useless. So finally I just kept chewing the gum and felt it shrink more and more, till finally I was able to hock it out, was actually pretty small. It's a great feeling too cause it's like instant good breath. Now I'm gonna keep chewing that gum, doing my regular flossing, brushing and mouth washing and hopefully this stupid thing will stop coming back. Also working on kicking my milk drinking habits and just go completely to drinking water. I hope this thing doesen't come back, really tired of getting them.
unleaded last decade
Hi, I'm so glad to hear of other people with this disgusting problem!! I went to the Drs about it so many times but they didn't have a clue, and they didn't understand how much it affects your life having bad breath constantly! Anyway, after reading all these posts I went to the Drs again yesterday and got referred to ENT because I really just want my tonsils taken out. I don't want to spend the rest of my life picking out stones or squirting water at them, only to have them keep coming back.

I've got a question for anyone who has had their tonsils removed to solve this problem...has it actually worked for good or have the stones re-appeared after time?
gracie1 last decade
Well with all my experience with getting these things sometimes over the years and now attempting to treat and removing them from my own body and reading about others now too, I think that people that get them chronically, seem to have enlarged tonsils FIRST.

Which brings me to a question that I wanted to ask everyone, what the approx. size of your tonsils themselves?

The reason Im asking Is that I look at mine and they seem barely visible infront of the tonsil canal flap..And they both are barely bigger than an pencil erasure themeselves. And they seem to stay that way.

With all I have read in here im also assuming thats a good thing, the less size of them, the less size of the crypts= less chance of stones.

Which also brings me back to a fundamental question that I think anyone with enlarged tonsils should be asking their doctors, is WHY are they enlarged in the first place?

I can only think your body has a secondary infection or virus somewhere that is causing the tonsils to be enlarged in the first place, since the tonsils are reacting attempting to remove it, and the stones are a PRODUCT of the enlarged tonsils/crypts vs the CAUSE. (in most cases)

This doesnt mean that a stone couldnt also cause the tonsil to react as it builds up and creates bacteria that the tonsil has to fight from within as well.

So then it gets back to lifestyle, food intake, and immunity response of your bodies. I would think the first place to boost your immune system would be to start is taking FRESH SQUEEZED Juices either Veggie and or Fruit everyday and if you smoke and drink heavily, STOP.

And I will say it one more time. STOP STOP THE MILE, and all dairy if need be.. even for awhile to see if they lessen.

Either make or BUY fresh squeeze OJ (NON pasturized) Dont get concentrated stuff its cooked and basically dead. Also flash pasturization (light) method kills a lot of the good bacteria you need along with the bad.. Flash uses Ultra Violet light to kill bacteria. Remember FRESH SQueezed is the way to go. Organic is better if you can find it. Yes fresh is $$$$ but its worth it. Concentrated OJ is basically worthless (cooked)

I challenge anyone with enlarged tonsils to go on a regimine of fresh SQUEEZED OJ EVERY morning and throughout the day, for a few weeks. Not only will start to feel great, I bet your tonsils will react as well.

I often will take a LEMON and squeeze about a shot glass worth of LEMON juice into OJ for a little mor ZING..

If you are lazy, and you're out in California Go to Jamba Juice (not sure if they are nation wide) and get "Orange Berry Blitz" with shot of FRESH Lemon Juice.. And they also have IMMUNITY Boost you can get in them as well Its VERY tasty and about 4$ ea for a LARGE!

There are many varieties of juices there, I like this one the best. Either way get some OJ in you and Lemon juice and get immunity boost.

Unleaded: your method works since you are stretching that area of the mouth, in and around the tonsils when you chew, this is similar to how you chew gum to equalize pressure in your ears when flying.. (see how they are related to the tonsils?)

Gracie: I would opt for Having them LAZERED first to see if you can close the holes BEFORE removing them. If it doesnt work THEN go get them out. But only as a last resort. I would try shrinking them with DIET first Again getting rid of the problem CAUSING Them to be enlarged FIRST.

Jennifer21: You sound like you have SERIOUS issues if your tonsils are that big that they touch, you need to get them DOWN immediately, somehow, Of course I recommend homeopathic ways first (diets, suppliments) and but am not against antiboitics if thats what it takes. I would ask you what other problems your having in your body that you notice? Bottom line is you need to find out WHY they are enlarged first get them down, Then the stones will take care of themselves if you watch what you eat and use mouthwash etc etc.

Also and update on my water PIK I found the cordless water pik seems too powrful to flush the tonsils and canals out regularily.. So I guess that tongue cleaner is the way to go for this..

So now, I will probably get one of those ear wax removal kits with the Blue squeezable ball/tip to use that to flush them out. (think it comes with the Maurine ear wax removal kits found in pharmacy stores)

Again I get stones rarely but have had them, (when I was eating dairy) But since I cutout most dairy and cottage cheeze have had zero if any larger ones. What bothers me really is the ear canals and euastation tubes that drain into the canals and flap infront of the tonsils. I always seem to have pressure in my ear canals and must costantly keep the tubes and tonsil canal clear of fluids. Stones would only aggrivate this issue more.
nomostinkbomb last decade
Hello, I am a 19 year old student who has been unhappily living with chronic sinusitis and chronic tonsilitis for YEARS. I have been to countless doctors, all who have glanced at me with a puzzled look of disgust and shoved some Sudafed or Flonase my way. Nothing, I repeat, nothing has worked. The worst, biggest hassle are those tonsil stones. I started getting them a few years ago, and I assumed they were just bits of food that came up and got stuck in the back of my throat. They are so painful! And it is almost impossible to get them out! It was only very recently that I realized that the white stuff was actually coming from holes in the back of my throat...boy was I mortified, shocked, and repulsed. That's when I came across this site. It has helped me out to a ridiculous extent. It's so nice to learn about other people who have to deal with this disgusting and embarrassing problem. Anyway, after much begging I finally got my parents to take me to a doctor who could set me up with an appointment with an Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist (ENT). This was especially difficult with a military doctor. I JUST got home from my first appointment with the ENT and I honestly am so happy I could cry. No beating around the bush, no allergy medications, no advice on how I could "just live with it"...finally, someone who understood EXACTLY what was going on! He went right to the point, and had me schedule a tonsilectomy. Though it will ultimately be a difficult procedure, I can not WAIT for that day to come. If you are like me, sick of living with this horrendous problem and trying to "live with it" through changes in diet, gargling, and blasting the stones with water piks, I URGE you to see an ENT as soon as possible! Once my tonsils are out, I'm saying goodbye to this problem forever...and until then, I'll just have to keep the Q-tip handy and keep digging these suckers out...thanks to everyone for their honestly and suggestions!
TonsilHater last decade
i totally agree that tonsil stones affect ur life, trust me it has affected my life, im now programmed after 12years that ive always, everyday, have bad breath even though i clean my teeth imaculately and clean my tonsils out. its something that stays with u. they're small but they impact our lives considerably.i still have them, but i watch what i eat , like diary foods. they accelerate them.
my mum had em bad in her 30's, she had her tonsils out and she doesnt have them anymore. go and get them out. u deserve to feel good about urself. goodluck.
peperonimum last decade
Just found this site and have learned so much. Wondering if any of you have noticed the "tonsil stones" to be worse (more frequent)when under more stress...There may not be a correlation but it seems to be for me.
georgiagirl last decade
auburnette.... nope, this is different I do believe. Trust me, you would instantly recognize the symptoms if you had these. Good luck.

gracie1... Read back. There are people that have had Giant Tonsil Stones that don't even have tonsils. I think there is even a link posted. I think once you have what ever the microbe is that causes these in your system, you are likely to keep getting the stones.

georgiagirl...I think anytime my immune system is lowered the tonsil stone production increases. This includes exposing myself to cigarette smoke or household dust that I'm allergic to...all the way up to just not getting enough sleep.
justmebyanyname last decade
Another small portion of reading for anyone interested...
Peritonsillolith - another new name to search


Interested in crypt formation? Read starting with 'Embryology' - yep, we have them before we are born

Think you have tonsil problems?


Did you all realize we have four different kinds of tonsils - Waldeyer's Ring­ - and there are crypts in all four kinds of tonsils?
'tonsillar crypts: crypts associated with any of the four types of tonsils in the throat (lingual, palatine, pharyngeal, and tubal).'

I think we often think we are talking about the same thing on this forum when really we aren't.
Take tonsil cleaning for instance... When I clean out my tonsils I clean inside the actual crypts. From reading what others write about quick formation and wiping them away with q-tips or getting rid of them by snorting...I think maybe they are clearing out the tonsil stones between the tonsiliar pilliars that the tonsils have already kicked out. I never actually see my stones anymore until I see them going down the drain.

I always made the assumption that everyone else's tonsil stones grew in their palatine tonsils also, for those of you that experience more of the ear pain, this may not be the case. If only for this reason alone, I think we need to keep looking for NEW permanent solutions to the problem.

Changing the pH of the mouth by irrigating with vinegar, Listerine, CO2, H2O2, acidic juices, etc., while it does offer some temporary relief maybe, it does not seem to be a permanent cure and can kill off the good bacteria we need to help us stay healthy.

I'm very interesting in the results of those of you irrigating with the honey solution! I'm curious if anyone tried the sulfur or epsom salt recommended to us by many homeopathic practioners.

Good Luck All!
justmebyanyname last decade
It seems to me that though people readily note a relationship to how they're feeling and link tonsilloliths to a recent illness, no one seems to question exactly why this happens. People seem to think that the tonsil stones are an annoying side effect of being sick, and so say "hey just take em out and everything will be fine!" This to me seems to be an ignorant plan of action. Doctors don't know everything, and often from our experiences we find they know next to nothing. They say we should remove the tonsils because they don't really see a good use for them. Just because we don't understand the reason, doesn't mean there isn't one. I think people need to consider that our bodies are extremely complex, and no one, scientist, doctor or otherwise knows everything there is to know about the human body. Whether or not you believe in God, and more so if you do, we must consider the fact that all of the parts of our body are there for a purpose, whether or not we understand it. It is my opinion that the tonsilloliths are probably saving our bodies from infections that might otherwise move into critical areas of the body; the tonsils are considered sacrificial tissue just for this reason; they serve to isolate dangerous bacteria and encapsulate it, much as an oyster creates a pearl when an irritant enters its body. Moreover, it is quite possible that they also serve a role of a sort of innoculation center, where our immune system can learn how to deal with the potentially harmful invasion of said bacteria. If you read a lot about tonsil stones, they have even been found to contain malignant cancerous material in addition to bacteria. This does not necessarily mean that the harmful material was created there, it may very well have been excreted there. I suggest that we just keep cleaning them out and thank God or science or both for our lovely swollen tonsils to capture this crap. I for one, have had constantly swollen tonsils for all of my life. Doctors suggested removing them, but my father refused because he had had such a traumatic tonsillectomy himself as a child. Though my tonsils are always swollen to some extent or another, I ALMOST NEVER GET SICK! This is one of the main reasons I believe that those stinky tonsil stones are actually helping me more than hurting me. Consider it and don't take out the tonsils, just the stones. Seems to me that people like picking weird things out of their body (think boogers and zits) more than they admit, so enjoy.
riffi2003 last decade
I agree with you, I feel these things assist me like a smoke alarm announces it's time to order pizzas for dinner on the porch!

I have tolerated these things almost all my life, they are a part of me and I too have been able to prevent a sore throat. how do I know, I ignored the feeling in my throat on several occations ass trying to dismiss the connection and would soon have a flu or cold symptoms.

I get bronchitis easily as have had pneumonia in the past. But If I do not allow myself to become 'wear worn down in my energy.' I can usually stay healthy all year.

I spend hours upon hours in the pool, I can tell if the PH inn the pool is off and am curious about the ph of my body as well. the amount of chemicals my body has absorbed over the years is a puzzelment, I am probably 60% chlorine LOL

I do also agree, there are variables and exceptions to all this and that we and the dr. have not tapped into the functions of the tonsils, becasue I too can not beleive that God would place tonsils in our body for us for only when we are little. There is much to learn and I hope we in all our theories, opinions, experiences, frustrations and ideas can assit a great researcher the raw data and resources to start to discover what could be a break through for us all.

bless you all, and these things are not really all that BAD!
swimmmermom last decade
I'm not even going to get into that debate again on wheather or not they are that bad. Mine can HURT.

My goal in this forum is to find a way to get rid of them. PERMANTLY. If you are happy with then then 'yeah for you'.

I do think that was a much better discription - the pearl in oyster - than the one i gave way back when. Nice.
justmebyanyname last decade
riffi2003... you said that you read that "they have even been found to contain malignant cancerous material"

Could you say where you read that please?

albert22 last decade
I too believe that they are there for a reason because these dang dr.'s now days dont understand what they are there for and just because they swell they are ready to remove them and oops if they screw up on you, well just think about it when you remove them it is like you are having the worst case of strep or tonsillitis all over again and too they say dont get around anyone sick because you will not be able to fight off the infection, now think about that one just for one minute one when you go in for the operation you risk the possbility of getting another infection where the spot they took them out and two heaven forbid you get another sore throat think about it when you had a sore throat your tonsil just swelled up now w/out them where is that sore throat going to go all over the throat and maybe even in the ears mummmmm something to think about there and then when you get a sore throat so bad that your ears ring well try to get a dr. to admit why he took them out after the fact ha ha ha ha you will get laughed at right out the door so think before you act and for women really think about it what goes on upstairs like ears nose throat can also happen downstairs to we are all one unibody .
tonsils gone last decade
I have had these things all of my life, im 30 now. i have a 6 year old and last week a piece of one came out of her mouth. i looked for more with a flashlight and saw a big one on her right tonsil and had to use a qtip and my pinky finger to push it out. it was big for such a little girl too. my poor baby is going to have these forever to now. i think its a genetic thing, because my mom gets them , me and now my daughter. we dont all have a virus. my daughter tonsils a re huge too.
littlelee last decade
one more thing. when i was in HS a dr. told me that I have strep dormant in my tonsils! weird
littlelee last decade

Tonsils definately contain lymphocytes. And some lymphocytes are THOUGHT to kill tumor cells. But please cite your source for "If you read a lot about tonsil stones, they have even been found to contain malignant cancerous material in addition to bacteria." Because in all of my reading I have not read that from a credible source. I've not even come to a concrete conclusion about the content of the stones. I'm convinced there may be more than the two types.


Thanks in advance.
justmebyanyname last decade
I went to a doctor with the discomfort in my throat and was told I had a tonsillolith. He declined on attempting to remove it for me. I told him that it was scratching my throat and if he did not remove it then I would attempt to do so on my own. He suggested I use a toothbrush ... what was he thinking? I then asked him if I could have a few tongue depressors and those long q-tip sticks ... I used them when I arrived back home and it worked great without causing any discomfort. I dread the thought of this being chronic but will continue to use the long q-tips and tongue depressors as a gentle way to remove this annoying condition.
tamara last decade
I just found this forum tonight and read the first 8 pages in one sitting. Everyone agrees how much it hurts to dig the things out. Having small children, it occurred to me to use baby Orajel tooth numbing stuff on the tonsil before digging. Works like a charm! I use a q-tip or my finger to apply it, wait about a minute, and dig away. I figure it would kill the pain of using a water-pik as well.

I used to get them alot. I originally thought they were related to food (rice, oatmeal, etc.), but the one time I asked a doctor, she said it was caused by post-nasal drip. Ever since I started taking a Costco-brand generic for Claritin allergy medicine, I almost never get them.

I'm guessing that different things trigger the same reaction, the way different allergens trigger the same allergic response of sneezing or a rash. Early on I broke one open and saw what I figured was the grain-of-sand-causing-the-pearl inside. So maybe for some people it is STARTED by a food particle, while for others it's snot, or smoke inhalation, or whatever, and then the tonsils just do their best to coat the irritant, thereby making it easier for the body to get rid of it.
littlemama last decade
I cant believe this topic. I have been soooooooooo worried for years over this problem. When i was 7 i coughed up one of these things and dint think anything of it. Now that i am 22 it was kinda bothering me. Is this something more is what i kept asking myself. QUESTION. along with the "white bumps" do you have swelling of the glands? Does this mean that it may be something more? My glands have been swollen for years, and i mean years. like 12. No sore throat though. Its like knots under my jawbone. anyhow, this eases my comfort a little to know that many people have this. I just dont know why the knots are there?
clognboy last decade
I could be wrong but maybe you have a large adams apple? I was looking around my jawbone and that's all I could think of. Reading through posts of others with swollen glands it seems fairly common with the whole way of the bumps. Try eliminating alot of dairy products like cheeses and milk and you may get rid of them. I hocked mine out a few days ago and have since ceased my consumption of cheese and milk and have had good results. No bumps, or patches I call them. Just make sure you brush teeth alot, use mouthwash, listerine is number one and when you truly can't brush your teeth, like say you're in school or at work, chew that Orbitz gum, the breath freshening gums not like Bazooka gum. Do that and stay with it and I bet you'll eliminate them entirely. Good luck.
unleaded last decade
I've read many of these posts but wonder if any of you have this problem ... when I use a water pic type device (it's the water sprayer that I got when I had my wisdom teeth removed) to get rid of the white stones, afterwards I get a cold. My throat hurts, I run a low fever and I get chills and a lot of drainage (thus causing nausea). It's really frustrating! On one hand, it's annoying in my throat. On the other hand, it's annoying to be sick! Any thoughts?
acarp732 last decade
I haven't been to this forum for a while, probably as my stone problem is now only a minor easily managed thing these days.

I do wish to add a couple of things to the discussion for what it's worth.

Nomostinkbomb, IMHO, is really getting closer to the grail. Im replacing the usual milk/hot chocolate drink at i have at night with a green tea instead the state of oral condition in the morning improves beyond belief.

Also - Last week I had a wisdom tooth repaired which lost it's filling a year ago. There has definitely been a marked reduction in tonsil goop and the young stones since which hide deep. I've no doubt it was losing this filling and letting decay set in,thus bacteria levels rise, which led to me getting stones about 6 months ago.

Even before the tooth got fixed i wrote in to say i found by clearing the bacteria laden goop from tonsils before the stincky breath taste and stones set in is nipping this in the bud. It was so effective for me the stress level of this problem disappeared the minute i'd worked out how to clear the goop. (see my earlier description - i'll keep pushing this because i know others if not all could benefit by doing it).

Lastly - i'm too convinced these tonsils should be left to do their job. Not ripped out because our Docs have no clue.

I remember getting a small white stone forming on the outside of the tonsil, not in a crypt. When i removed it I noticed a new divot in surface of tonsil ie: like a new crypt forming. It disappeared within hours of the stone coming out.

That fact, the great job tonsils do in collecting mouth goop, and the easing of stone goop following repair of my decayed tooth suggests to me our tonsils are needed by our bods.

Next i'm going to get into drinking heaps more water each day.
sorted last decade
I've noticed that I have been getting tonsil stones whenever I'm stressed out. Last year was a stressful year for me and I got a ton of them. I had a slow few months with no stones, and then I got stressed out about stuff again and the stones returned!


dcleblond last decade

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